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Hey everyone! How did you manage to stumble across this little corner of civilization?
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doodle post!




Here’s a few recent doodles to break up the monotony. :9

Uh, it’s been a few years…

It’s been two years since I’ve been heard from on wordpress, and now that I’m no longer a child that’s starting high school, but a child that’s finished high school (and newly of drinking age in Canada) I do believe I’ll reassess myself and start actually posting on this blog again. It’ll be a lot different from before, I think, since I’m fairly sure that attempting to share any creative writing I’ll do will just spiral me downwards into a pit of despair. This will probably become more like I’ve intended before, as a place for me to dump my rather long winded ramblings onto.

I admit that I stopped posting partially because of someone that I know in real life used to read this blog and I hid in shame- but no longer!

Okay, that and because a certain someone who’s going on a certain trip that I’ll discuss later has expressed that they’ve newly established themselves on wordpress and shall be sharing our trip’s details on her personal blog. She’s being all mysterious and not telling me her url, what a bum.

Between last post and now, several obsessions have come and gone, but that’s for another post for when I don’t have thousands of words of stuff that I actually want to discuss.

Of course, after the trip, I’ll probably still be posting plenty, since there’s going to be a lot of me preparing for Animethon. (Speaking of, damn you Animethon HR team! I still haven’t heard back from you!) Since I’ll be doing three cosplays, there’s going to be a lot of suffering for me. I can just imagine the crying as I try to build Jibril’s wings, redraft her top, and wash three wigs. Such good fun. That’s probably going to take up the rest of July- well, that, and complaining about jet lag and how 25 degrees is too hot. (Not to mention how dumb the Kaguya no Shiro de Odoretai dance is)

Now, this not so mysterious trip with said mysterious friend is to the wonderful land of Japan, in the rainy season no less. I’ll be documenting every day, since our itinerary is pretty packed and I’ll have plenty to say about each day. I’ll keep the exact locations to myself for now, but it’ll all come to light in the coming two weeks. :)

I’ll be posting again very soon, probably as soon as I fish out a video camera and finish packing.



9 Ways to Pretend You’re Good at Cooking

When at a friend’s house to help out or something- especially when they don’t have too much hope for you.

1) Learn basic knife skills. Like actually. I can’t begin to tell you how many people can’t cut things properly. In fact, just holding a knife correctly will make you seem 93.2% better.

2) Salt your water. Do it. Really.

3) Don’t insist on following a recipe exactly. If someone wants to swap out half and half for coconut milk, let them do it if you’re totally okay with the taste.

4) Clean up when it’s obvious that the pot does not need to be watched/stirred constantly. 

5) Remember, generally things in a dish are supposed to be about the same shape and size. Don’t dice peppers and slice onions.

6) Add oil to pans and stuff. ._.

7) When making soup, find any herbs and tie them together. 

8) Figure out what a few basic terms mean. AKA: blanching, julienne, ect ect.

9) OH MY GODS JUST FIGURE OUT HOW TO DICE AN ONION. (and use a sharp knife, your eyes would thank you)



Has weather that is a lot nicer than what I left behind.

It’s a pleasant 24 degrees here and where I used to be, it was like, 42 and insane humidity. Ugh.

And then there’s the hail and the thunderstorms.

I’ve been here for around, what, 2 hours now? the sun is finally going down and I kinda wanna frolic around outside. Honestly, I’m going to go onto a twelve hour flight, and I’m not sure if I wanna pass up this chance to run around =w=

Well, bai~ I’m gone for the next 45 days, tata!


Bye from Vancouver Airport!


I’ve Heard

From reliable sources that literally all of the social media platforms I use are inaccessible in China.

Fun, no?

It means that I don’t get to do my short lived dream of doing travel blogging. Not such a sad loss, since then I’ll get time to compile everything and edit what I wrote on each day once I get back on August 14th.

Thus, Maya is disappearing into the strange place that is China for a month and a half. I’ll be departing my home city in around twelve hours, and Leaving Canada in around seventeen. I’m sure Vancouver would be still interesting enough to poke an entry in c:


That is my single suitcase, everyone. Derp.


Have I Told You All?

That I’m literally attached by the ear to Tumblr? There is just such a ridiculous amount of deadpan humour and unexpected intelligence that I can’t help but enjoy it to to a point where I’m pretty sure it’s unhealthy.

Do I care? No~! Of course not!

Join me and see a slightly more awkward side on As It Goes



So, I thought that I should post things, since I really don’t do much anymore here…

So, I thought that I should post things, since I really don't do much anymore here...

I am now an exec of a club at school, and apparently the first task is to break the news to the people in the club.

They expected a long winded text post.





Who’s birthday it is~!


Yeah, das right.


Punnishingly Magical: Two

“Have you started the assignment?”

He cracked open the freshly-printed paperback, curling the cover back. Rules and Regulations Regarding Anti-Gravity was by the illustrious Prof Morrison, recently decorated; he had surprised scholars by deciphering centuries-old tomes, writing an incredibly elegant magical program.

Hours passed, the sun creeping into the snug covers of nighttime. The boy, brushing an auburn strand from his damp forehead, leant occasionally to his rectangular device, executing the program presented. When he felt the tug of sleep, the moon was high.

However, the charm seemed to work too well. The anti-gravity book was impossible to put down.


(I won’t be claiming this one, since it was agreed to alternate authors :>)

The Liebster Award

Wow, with my year of inactivity, I’ve basically abandoned all hope of interacting with anyone anymore on WP. dear Brittany has nominated me, and thus I’m obliged to do this. (And get back into the blogging spirit!)

Since Tumblr doesn’t really count as a blog now does it :I

Of course with these types of awards there are rules.

  1. List 11 random facts about yourself.
  2. Answer the questions designated by the blogger(s) who nominated you.
  3. Place YOUR nominations for the Liebster Award! Nominate five (or more) other bloggers that have less than 200 followers. Make sure to notify them.
  4. Make up a set of questions for those nominated bloggers to answer.
  5. Display the Liebster Award badge on your blog!

Thus, I begin with random facts :>

  1. I have a real issue with sleeping. I mean, I adore the activity, but I just don’t get enough of it. For the last couple months at least, a full 8 hours of sleep is indeed, just a distant dream.
  2. My eyesight is getting worse. And they’re already bad beyond comprehension. (-10 and -8.5 respectively) Legal blindness isn’t far off. Much to my dismay.
  3. always regret it when I get my hair cut/permed/anything else that I’ve done to it. Generally, I regret it till my hair grows out again to mid back. (At which point I start to contemplate getting it done, and this whole fiasco starts over again.)
  4. I’m the sort of person who has to fake emotions. No, seriously. I have a hard time feeling anything when generally people would have an emotional response. It’s sorta all about looking at the reactions around me I guess- and I’ve gotten good at this.
  5. On a similar sentiment, I’m also the type of person who you will never trust again if you’ve cooperated with me in a lie of epic proportions. No, I will not be sharing why, I still want trust from you ignora- I mean, the uninitiated. *Awkward cough*
  6. (Taking some inspiration from Brittany) I can sleep though a lot of random crap. Just on Wednesday, I slept though a thunderstorm which was followed by hail, which came with the tornado that passed within 500 meters of my house. I’m 84% sure that deserves some sort of award. (No worries though, it didn’t really land near here.)
  7. I am literally never on time. I would think about leaving for someplace almost an hour in advance, and somehow still end up five minutes late to wherever I need to be.
  8. Guren no Yumiya is stuck in my head. And I am setting the damn song to everything. Seriously, it’s too dramatic for anything, but it fits everything. No, really, play it on the bus and you will find it fitting.
  9. I can’t sing, but I sure seem to enjoy pretending I can!
  10. I automatically love anything green tea or strawberry flavored, even though they don’t seem all that popular :c
  11. Screw that, I just really like tea, though a friend of mine strongly regretted going to the tea tasting with me .-.


1) What was your very first blog post about?

Believe it or not, it was a pretty lame post that was on a friend’s blog about a recent development in Inuyasha. I totally have no clue which chapter it was for though… Needless to say, the blog was collectively deleted last year when my friend and I had a good laugh at our own expense.

2) How would you describe yourself?

Oh dear, it’s one of those questions that make me question everything I know and have a twenty minute head scratching marathon.

I’m going to need to go with a list of adjectives for this one.

Strange, humourous, intelligent, selfish, fair, needlessly cruel, consciously insensitive, creative, lazy, arrogant while being insecure, easily frustrated, vengeful, and apathetic.

Hmm… That’s more accurate than I’d care to admit, actually.

3) Favorite genre of music?

Dammit, this is pretty difficult. I tend to go for classical and soothing/depressing ballads more though. (I still much enjoy upbeat songs though.)
4) Least favorite thing to do?

Arguing with people that don’t see reason as a result of their own willful ignorance.

Seriously, ignorance is one thing, but willful ignorance? No.

I see the futility of continuing to talk to them, but at the same time, there’s a irritation that would linger because whoever I was talking to is still an egotistical little crap that is wallowing in misinformation.
5) Something you are looking forward to doing this year?

That’s easy!

Going to China! I haven’t been back for a decade, which is double the amount of time I spent there. Not sure what to expect, but the way people are talking, I probably shouldn’t be anticipating the trip this much .-.

Questions of My Own:

1) Which types of characters do you like?

2) Why do you like your favorite colour?

3) Why did you start to blog?

4) Do you draw? What types of things do you/would like to draw?

5) What’s an excellent pun?

N.O.M.I.N.A.T.I.O.N.S. !

Amy– TWIN! I will drag you into this!

NinjoZata– I’m pretty sure she has a new blog now, but I can’t track down the proper URL :I

I actually have three more people in mind but I really have no clue if they even exist anymore vAv

One year is a long time :c


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