Let's all be random, shall we?

Delusions (intro)

Alright people! I’m here to start something that might get at least SOME interest going for me! (or, uh, maybe not) I need moar hits! >_>

*cough* anyway…

I’ll be posting it a few paragraphs at a time at random intervals, so, until I can organize [really, I doubt that would ever happen] all of my schedules (as things are still being added to said underused device) and make some time for writing (and getting someone to read it over) I doubt that it’ll go much further than the 2000 words its at now this year.

I’m writing this under the impression that nobody ever visits my blog. (I really think that that is because I’m boring and have no lif- moving on!) If anyone can prove me wrong, drop a comment and I shall endeavor to make an effort towards writing Delusions.

Yes yes, I’m ridiculously long winded for someone who has nothing productive to say, I argue that this is a vital skill in writing essays (and pleasing dragon like teachers)

Oh, geez, have I gotten so far from my topic that its a mere speck on the horizon in a different country? *looks around* I believe so…oh dear.

In any case, I shall be expecting fanart! (no, actually, that’s a lie)


EDIT: look below for the actual intro:

Title: Delusions


Author: Amaya no Yume


Date started: June 10th 2010


Chapters: TBA


Pairing: no idea


Rating: T


Genre: Horror, adventure, Fantasy, romance if that idiot bothers me enough


Betaed by: TBA


Warnings: Drabble-y tendencies, disconnected ideas, made up real-ish words aplenty, and if you think that the image of angels should not be messed with, I really don’t recommend reading this. There might also be some mentions (or graphic descriptions) of them being torn apart…


SUMMARY: A power struggle, a death, a boy, an immortal, and time. A story that will unravel itself only when it’s meant to be. With things not of the earth, even fate cannot tell what lies within the fog of the future.



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