Let's all be random, shall we?

Delusions (Part 1)

Angels, malicious creatures those are. Humans seem to see them as guides toward heaven, but, we demons know the truth. They are creatures that are normally too weak to prey on the strong and healthy, and instead turn to the dead and dying for sustenance. Instead of beings that are kind and loving, while helping departed souls make a smooth transition from living to death, they will suck the soul from the body that’s no longer in any shape to hold up any type of resistance and guide them down their throat into eternal damnation.

How do I know this?

Why, because I’m that figure in nightmares with a towering scythe, always with glowing eyes and a hooded figure. The grim reaper.
I am, in fact, the ruler of the demons and also a god (oh, why did I ascend? Those gods with nothing to do just refuse to shut up!)

But… in the last few years, the angels have become restless. (Although I think that MIGHT be because I killed their leader… BUT I HAD A GOOD REASON! I was digging through her innards, looking for the soul that she ate 50 years before its death date, I even checked in my book)


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