Let's all be random, shall we?

Character Introductions; Hiro

Well, seeing as how I actually have a picture of Hiro, I’ll put him as my first CI ^^

Random Disclaimer: this was taken off of http://www.elfwood.com/farp/thewriting/crissychar/crissychar.html so go visit them there!

And here we go!

The Questions
Date this form was created: Oct, 23, 2010
Full name of Character: Hiroki Kurohana (in Delusions, appears as Kline Kustralen)
Reason, meaning or purpose behind the name: hmm, nothing, truly >_>
Nickname: Hiro
Reason for nickname: shortening
Race: Demon (in delusions, a high level Demonic god)
Occupation/class: Businessman (God of Limbo)
Social class: Duke (God)
Physical Appearance: Charismatic
Age: 17/ ~400 (in Delusions, he’s ~1500))
How old they appear: 20
Eye Color: Black
Glasses or contacts? Nope
Hair color length and style: purple (Hiro: PURPLE IS NOT A GIRLY COLOUR)/short/messily layered
Weight and height: ~150, 174cm
Type of body (build): Average
Skin tone and type (i.e., harry, slimy, scaly, oily, fair, burns easily): average.
Predominant feature: The pairs of earphones he always has (Delusions verse, the bright violet tophat with azaleas)
Is s/he healthy? Yup!

Char’s favourite color: Purple, obviously ;D
Least favorite, why? Pink, everyone teases him, saying that his hair is that colour
Mode of transport: Giant black dog
Hobbies: Listening to music, writing, bothering his family members
How do they spend a rainy day? look above

Are they a daredevil or cautious? Thank immortality for everything
Do they act the same alone as when with someone? nope, when alone, he’s much more quiet…until something catches his eye
Habits: Drumming fingers

Mother: Asteia Kustralen (formerly Asteia Alaie)
Relationship with her: Fine, if not slightly distant
Father: Tristan Kustralen
Relationship with him: Horrible, as he is mischievous to a fault
Siblings, How many, relationship with each:  6, and very close with all of them
Attitude: Playful, troublemaker



Talents: Painting and very talented in most aspects of music
Extremely skilled at: Playing the guitar
Extremely unskilled at:  cooking, or actually, anything involving food
Good characteristics: fun to be around, innovative, good at manipulating people’s emotions, dramatic
Character flaws: Loudmouth most of the time, lazy person, relatively impatient
Mannerisms: most often caught on camera  wearing a tooth showing grin
Peculiarities: purple hair, someone how is too optimistic for someone in the Kustralen (Kurohana) family
Biggest regret: He let Amaya (Antoniette) get kidnapped and she got her first taste of a kill
Minor regrets: He can’t coddle his younger siblings anymore!
Biggest accomplishment: is now the leading musician
Minor accomplishments: Paints artwork that are displayed in royal/important places
Darkest secret: He socially destroys anything that harms his younger siblings in any way
Does anyone know? His family
How did they find out: They were the ones who covered it up
Self-perception: Seemingly arrogant, but somewhat insecure
One word they would use to describe themselves: Epic (Hiro! you idiot!)
How are they perceived by strangers: Eccentric and fun

The Hero/Heroin: Amaya
How do they view the Hero/Heroine: little sister that deserves to be snuggled
First impression of the char: quote Mother…can I hold her? unquote
What do people like most about this char: Never a dull moment, new view on things
What do they dislike most about them: quote HIRO, YOU GET YOUR LAZY SELF OFFA THAT COUCH AND IN THE OFFICE unquote

Favorite clothing, why: semi-casual (idk, cuz he’s used to it?)
Least favorite, why: Stiff, frilly stuff/ billow-y clothing
Jewelry: not unless you count the earphones
Where do they live: The Kurohana Estate/ Northright Villa
Where do they want to live: some remote island somewhere his father would never go
What do they do too much of, why: Dancing and singing in the halls, the poor people around him need to play a game of avoid Hiro…
Most prized possession, why: A pen his siblings gave him and a key that opens the secret compartment. Inside it, there’s a crystal design of a family portrait he drew before he hated his father


Kline Kustralen

Hiro in a modern/ future setting

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