Let's all be random, shall we?

Delusions (part 3)

A/N: Okay~ I know that at least someone is reading Delusions, so, I’ll update daily until I need more material to post (which would be…in around a week…>_>)

alright, I know you few people are actually waiting for the story portion instead of the rambling portion soo, ON WITH THE STORY!

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*insert page  break here*

Guess why you so often see me in nightmares.


At some point in my endless ironic life, I have deduced the reason that the Grim Reaper gained such a horrific reputation is because we have been present in so many nightmares. In all honesty, I had not caused the horrors that you see, merely there to absorb some of the energy.


We demons also eat souls, but I only permit the ones that have been sentenced to nothingness to be eaten, and there will always be a ceremony to honor the passed.


Memories are my wines.


Old, slow and fading. Things of sweet happiness, things of bitter pain.

Things you wish to forget

To forget, you need only relinquish the emotions that are connected to the images


Dreams are my bread.


Happy, light, fluffy and pleasant. Calm, soothing and fulfilling. The dreams doomed to a fate locked in a corner of your mind until another gloomy day needs a lightening up with simple things.

Nightmares are my spices.


Dark and ominous. Peppered with screams and scented with tears. Spiked with addictive fear.

Nothing else so intense.


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