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Delusions (part 4)

A/N: Wee! Part 4 already! Ehh, I have no idea how I’ll get this past this phase of ‘I’ll just post what I have already instead of writing more’ >_>

in any case, read, review, and drop a comment!

*insert really big page break here*

I hate the nobility here, yet I had one of the highest positions in this aristocratic world, a duchess. My shoes clicked against hard stone, and I paid no mind to dull surroundings.

A person came to me, asking my opinion. I replied.

“I regret the fact that our investments has gone to the wind, as well as the imminent downfall of his empire. However, I do believe that there are advantages, however small, and we must make every effort to pounce upon any and all loopholes that reveal themselves to us.”

Women glanced at me in admiration that might have been tinged with just a bit of indignity, as, in times of old; no woman was allowed to speak their mind. Men stared or sneered for the same reason. I might be getting both fan mail as well as hate mail.


A braver lady came to me and asked if I had gotten into my husband’s letters. I gave her a dismissively flourished sentence to decipher. Who cares, I don’t care for this party.

“Perhaps you would assume that. However, I assure you that I am free of the bounds of marriage, and I would prefer that you not dismiss my intelligence by assuming that a lady cannot gain a title on her own.” (At this point, I realized I may have generated more mail for my poor servants to sort through) “If you do wish to believe that, I suggest you keep your old world thoughts well away from me.”

I spoke like a damn noble.

Nobody minded.

Because everyone here spoke that way.

Because I was standing in the Palace of Versailles as a diplomat.


Me? Lady Death? (They should be happy with the fact that I’m tolerating THEM)

My surroundings were depressingly familiar, crystal chandeliers, mirrored walls, between each an ornate painting to decorate the wall, flouncy dresses and penguin like men (at least the animals were cute enough to make up for it) dishes of every and any flavor was served.

Other than the type I preferred.

All around me lights are given off by thousands of candles and deftly reflected by shiny silverware, the meticulously cleaned mirrors, crystal goblets and decorative gems strewn upon the people in all the colors that can be seen by the mortals’ eye, even polished shoes gleamed with a undeniable shine.

It was disgusting.

All that waste that could have been helping the poor of France has been wasted upon these Angel wannabes.

I bore of this party of humans whom act like those stupid angels. Preying upon the weak, gaining wealth and position just as those feathered monsters gained power and favor.

I waved away the people surrounding me with a casually flourish twist of the hand, children and old people whom look more than triple my physical age, attempting in vain to gain my near non-existent favor (however, they had no idea just how much more my favor would bring them, just to name the biggest one, immortality, should they wish to gain it)

All but one.

It was a young boy, rather similar in age to my appearances, with a face that is the definition of aristocratic features. However, long midnight forelocks hid his shimmering amethyst eyes.

Colors that suggested fortune and power…

Power that he was hiding as subtly and a beacon in the night (and boy was it a bright light, was I really that bored to not notice it? In fact, I’m surprised that nobody’s tried to attack him yet)

He was power, and power is certainly something I will always seek to acquire.


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