Let's all be random, shall we?

Delusions (part 5)

A/N: Yay! Part FIVE its almost time for me to get writing again…(lol, should I post my OTHER stories that have less than 2000 words?)

Beneath her feet, dead grass sprang back to life, and healthy green tufts withered to yellow pads. However, once she passed, the balance and time was restored and the earth seemed have never been touched, not even the signs of a person’s treading feet.

She was death, and death does not leave markings upon the living plane.

A/N BREAK! Ok, I should get my ass in gear and start writing the actual story instead of making this an unending prologue….WATEVAR, SCREW IT! ON WITH THE UNENDING PROLOGUE! ( I should really make a plan =.=)

Copper and salt

A common metal and a seasoning
Copper and salt

The taste of blood and endless tears

The air hung thickly with a fog of blood that rose from the bodies that lay below. Moving through the red haze was agonizing, not because of the countless cuts she had, but because she could taste the liquid life slick in her mouth, taste death at its worst.

Tears ran down my face, through my lashes, over my blood smeared cheekbones, along the long cuts that was littered across my cheeks, and dribbled down my chin leaving a trail marked by the voidance of blood. It dripped onto my clothing with a crimson splash, not that it changed anything, my once pristine silver robes were now full of rips and pairs of holes and bloomed fields blood flowers.

A battlefield of tragic death and endless sorrow…

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