Let's all be random, shall we?

Delusions (part…6?)

A/N: Well, I have now officially run out of things to post… so, the ‘updates’ are going to be INSANELY slow…just a warning…

Death cradled my soul, and I leaned into its forgiving embrace. A gentle hand slides itself over my blurring eyes, condemning me to eternal darkness. I can almost see the red flower of blood that bloomed on my chest, each petal reaching away from the dagger that imbedded itself deep into my lung cavity.

and so the child falls into a deep sleep

ashes falling gracefully around you

warm hands carefully wipe away any tears that may have fallen

I’ll take you to a land full of happy memories

A place where the sky is always blue

would you like to come with me where sadness doesn’t exist?

If you do, smile a happy smile to let me know…

Is death supposed to be this comforting? I can almost swear I can hear a woman’s voice singing…

Sleep small child, let this warmth comfort you

this darkness is only here so you may rest peacefully

until the day that you have rested well

light shan’t enter your eyes

your memories will become distant dreams

So sleep well, sleep deep, close your eyes and let your mind rest

Tomorrow will bring a new life

It’s warm…

And he closed his eyes to the world forever.

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