Let's all be random, shall we?

I think I’m getting lazy(er)

Oh dear, oh dear, I haven’t posted in a week and still, I get no people raging at me. I feel so loved…

Bleh,  a month and only 42 hits…what a sad sad way to go. I’ve even been shamelessly advertising to everyone who would listen. Anyhow, I need to stop playing MuSo Dragonica (ah, such a goal, so far away it seems!) and start on writing my almost epic Delusions (and push it past its minor 2000 mark)

Geh, school work, game time and Delusions deadlines are piling up, and there doesn’t seem like I can do a damn thing to prevent it from growing into a mountain and crushing me like a pancake.

Whatever, I’ll head to my bed and sleep like a dead rock. (Yes a dead rock, for when just rocks aren’t enough)

Rage at me people, RAGE! (Yes, yes, someone stupid enough to encourage raging, I MUST be crazy…or sleep deprived)

Leave a few comments! Buh Bai~


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