Let's all be random, shall we?


Yes, yes, I promised you all a Christmas picture, so then why in hell am I posting a random thing in the middle of nowhere? Because there’s a slight chance that I’ll be illustrating this song (or at least, part of this very long monster song) I would LOVE to see this sung for a YouTube clip or something. If you do sing it and record it, please credit and link me, and don’t forget to let me know! (Also, I made most of this up, so, one or two sections will sound familiar)

[this means optional]

And without further ranting and excusing myself, on with the parody!

Dashing through the snow

On a pair of broken skis

Over the hills we go

Crashing into trees


The snow is turning red

I think I’m almost dead

Someone please call the hospital

[be]cause I’ll need stitches in my head!


Oh! Emergency! Emergency! I’ll be rushing through!

I turned the entire hillside red

I won’t go there if I were you!

Oh! Emergency! Emergency! I can breathe again!

I woke up with these [darn] stitches already in my head!


I thought I’d take a ride

On my snowmobile tonight,

Skidding over ice,

I don’t feel so nice.


I should have learned last year,

To not go outside,

When the moon is oh so high

In the midnight sky!


Oh 911, 911, I think I almost died!

I know I should have learned last year

But the moon was oh so bright!

Oh, 911, 911, I’m sorry that I lied!

But doctor I just had to go outside

On this snowy winter night!


On a toboggan

I’m going down a hill

I think that should be safe

For even somebody like me!


I’m going faster now,

This wasn’t a good idea,

[Holycrap] I think that was Santa Claus

I just ran over!


Oh! This is bad, this is bad

Santa Claus just died!

I think I just ran him over,

So there won’t be gifts tonight!

Oh! This is bad, this is bad,

Santa Claus is dead!

So there are no presents [here] for anyone tonight!


I need to fine someone,

that I can try to blame,

for what transpired here,

on a desolate hillside!


Another hill is red,

But its not my blood this time / [at least the fault ain’t mine]

I asked my friend for an excuse

and here is what he said:


Ah, everyone, everyone, Santa Claus is dead!

Rudolph took a 44 and shot him in the head!

Ah, everyone, everyone, Santa Claus is dead!

Rudolph took a 44 and shot him in the head!


Have fun! *is going to now annoy ppl at Port of the Winds on MuSo Dragonica*

2 responses

  1. ieatfood101

    :OO santa died…BADD RUDOULPHHH CURSE U!!!IMA GET MAI AK45 AND SHOOT U >:o …jkayy xD

    November 23, 2010 at 5:47 am

    • Ruby~ D:< YOU ARE SO MEAN <_<

      November 23, 2010 at 9:53 pm

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