Let's all be random, shall we?

Why does everyone expect me to remember things?

Honestly, just because I’m ‘smart’ doesn’t mean that I have an amazing memory! I seem to have a talent for forgetting things even if they were things I spent much effort on. “OMG, WE HAS A TEST TODAE?!?!” seems to be my favorite phrase for the past…I can seem to remember how many years. I heard about a certain herb thats good for improving memory, but I keep forgetting to go buy it.

I’ll bet that the majority of you people reading this would just say, “Go write a note or something!”Yes, yes, that would be simple, if you don’t take heed of my tendency to forget I even wrote a note, or, see it, and forget to read it, or even more commonly, read it, attempt to keep it in my  head, only to have it fly off into space a few minutes later…

Planners; heres the problem, I might think of using it in class and the like, but I’ll either forsake it or unconsciously shove it into some desolate corner of my mind. (AKA, forgetting)

People ask me about things that I actually filed away in my head as ‘I’ll never care about this’ and they expect me to give a shit about it a few years later? nuh uh people.

Anyway, I hope you guys send me a message or to reminding my lazy self to get going on Delusions, or I’ll never get it done.

Hoping not to die; MayaYume

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