Let's all be random, shall we?

Delusions 1.1

Hello everyone!I’m back with the first installment of the actual story! *flings confetti in the air, only to have it all plop down on my head*

Anyway, to you people that read the prologue thing, those are previews and intros, completely ignore those okay?

Anyway, have fun with the story!


Insert ninja pagebreak!

Water dripped from the ceiling and formed darkened pools of water that threatened to overtake the floor. She shivered; this was the type of setting that gave her the chills, whether it be from physical or mental forces. She could have sworn that the water looked red for a moment.


Every sound that echoed through damp and abandoned building sent a shudder through her silk clad body. She couldn’t help but think that all the tiniest movements hinted at a looming evil, waiting to pounce on her tense form. Sharp, alert eyes scanned the room, looking for telltale signs of freed souls or angelic beings. A trail of glowing aura led to the floor above. So she followed the tail of light.


It was a disgustingly majestic angel, devouring the pale light that were the humans’ core, hands stained with blood of the people slaughtered around him.


Her eyes widened and pupils diluted to a shocked sphere.


An Angel took a healthy person’s life…



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