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Delusions 1.2

A/N: Okay, so here’s the second installment of Delusions chapter 1. The entire copy and paste is 333 words =)

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Mysterious golden eyes snapped to the slight sound of exhale from his right, searching for the one left alive. ‘Strange, there seems to be no life force left here, but…someone…is there.’ Dangerous suns narrowed at the spot that contained the subject of his confusion and he straightened his back to tower over his petite enemy.

The reaper let out a tiny ‘eep!’ of fear when she felt orbs of gold glaring at her form, falling backwards into a pile of rubble that clanked down the narrow stairwell. She winced with each impact on the stairs below, sinking lower and lower unlit she swore that she had melded into the stone, and she carried a hope that she indeed had (this wasn’t the first time something strange happened) until a large hand grasped her throat and held her high in the air. Long, inky hair fell in midnight waterfalls, obscuring her features from view.

“What are you doing here, Reaper?” His tone was as if an Arctic wind had swept across the rooftop, piercing Accrosia’s still mortal heart.

Her mouth opened, but no sound came out, before finally she managed a weak “Let.. go..” Lacking precious air and knees strong enough to support her weight, she crumpled to the ground in a shivering heap of silk and flesh.

Here the angel began his interrogation.

“Who are you?” His voice still resembled an iceberg.

“Accrosia Northright.” She said, propping herself up onto the obsidian symbol of death, only to fail miserably and embarrass the newest reaper in front of her mortal (or immortal, as the case may be) enemy.

The corner of his mouth kicked up in an amused smirk, attention captured by her naïveté of the common discourtesies in the Warring world.

“Just because that was rather interesting, I’ll give you the pleasure of knowing my real name.” He dropped into a mockery of an elaborate bow. “Kalistar Krustine, milady.”

Disturbingly silver met smooth gold, clashing in a silent battle for the upper hand.

R&R, MayaYume


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  1. Wow amazing! *applous…and spelled it wrong. -_-‘

    December 12, 2010 at 4:49 am

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