Let's all be random, shall we?

Oh Crap…

I haven’t been able to update any of my stories seeing as how I can’t seem to get my netbook (aka, the nice little thing that I write my stories on) to connect to the internet… and so, I can’t update on anything >_>; so, all I can do is to be totally random and not quite sane…

Lets go pretend that I’m not special with a capital r…



OH! BTW, click on the Valenth pet thingys! THEY’RE CUTE IN BETA STAGE…! Yeah, I have problems 😀 AND MORE THAN MERELY PROUD OF IT!

And so, as an unnecessary apology, anyone wanna request a picture, comic, crack-fic? O.O (Dude, if Yumi sees this, I’m so screwed)

Bai~ MayaYume


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