Let's all be random, shall we?

Random Science Project

(for when I lose things to the horror of the internet, MAKE BACKUPS)

Well, I just finished drawing this a little while ago, and seeing as how my files seem to enjoy going missing, then casually strolling back like nothing was wrong, I’m posting/ uploading this thing to a few different places. this thing probably took me… 12 minutes to draw, and 40 to colour, 10 minutes to find the nice pretty background on google and 5 minutes to type in all the words…

Whatever, I think its pretty, so THINK ITS PRETTY DAMMIT!

It used to be a nice little CUTE furry creature, mostly based on a fox, but noooooooooo, it decided that mutating itself into some creepy, too-small-to-eat-you-so-it’ll-settle-for-tearing-your-eyeballs-out-instead mutation of a fox, fish, and bat would make a nicer combination… oh well, at least it isn’t real… *gets eaten by said non-existent creature*

Presenting~ THE SHORT EVIL CREATURE FROM THE DEPTHS OF THE OCEAN, EKii-*gets eyes scratched out*

Ahem, I mean, the beautifully elegant, sapphire hued, deceptively small, merfox from the enchanting seas? *is safe* phew… Presenting, Ekima!

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  1. your good

    February 18, 2011 at 9:23 pm

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