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Before, Once Again; Morning

A/N: Not counting the title or A/Ns this chapter is 100 words, it’s also a bit old (seeing as how Yumi got this brilliant idea from staring at the drabble series I wrote before she started her story) and so, not quite how I write at the present moment. Luckily, before too many chapters, Yumi tool took it off my hands xD

Mkay, enjoy!


The thin drapes could do nothing to stop the summer sunlight from permeating the room, a room in a private school, though you can hardly tell from the elegant and expensive looking décor and the vastly oversized bed and room. One Accrosia Kustralen stretched a pale arm over her eyes and gave a light yawn to get active air flowing again. Sliding off the side of a velveteen bed, she reached into the grand closet to retrieve a silk fighting uniform that the school has provided. Dressing quickly, she slipped out into the crowded, although silent, halls of Midnight Academy.

Edit: I’m such a skilled child, I typo so much >_>


One response

  1. Yumiri

    ARERERE! Zis iz zeh van zat I verked off ov! I KNOW YOU LOVE ME, DON’T YOU DENY IT! (WAHAHAHAHAHA! I HAZ COMPUTERZ. But I iz limited to libraries) HEHEHE, this is hellova old thingymajigar

    February 3, 2011 at 7:02 pm

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