Let's all be random, shall we?

Photoshop Phase xD

LOL, I’ve gone crazy wif photoshopping things… But ish so fun! The best two have been posted onto facebook as profile pictures, the first one has just been changed off today for the second one!

(come to think of it, it never really did take that long to do any of them…)

Uh, Me and my clones, I love them all dearly, but they wreaked havoc, and so I had to send them all back. I wonder if the reason I keep sneezing is them all plotting to kill me…

A really easy edit, 4 pictures taken with my (really fuzzy) webcam, (even if the lighting keeps changing, how the hell does it do that in my room full of artificial lighting?) Layered them all together, erased the spots on the top layer photo where there would be another me or a reflection in the mirror, burned/ dodged to match the tones better and used the blur tool to get rid of the seams (pressure= 37%) (on sample all layers) and added the words in! ALL DUN! (In a matter of 10 minutes…honestly, I think taking the picture was at least half that time)

LOL, this one was fun to do!

Mage-y me! xD I wanted to use my new photoshop brushes and  decided that this was as good a time as any!  ITS SO SHINY! xD Those arcane circles are so awesome… I actually searched them up so I can do the background for Viadante =w= I’m such a pro child….

This one too a bit more work than the other one did (but again, all the pretty little symbol things are just something I took off the internet because I thought they were pretty) Um, lets see, I drew around the area I wanted to keep using the pen tool (Aka, me), cut and pasted it onto a new layer, smoothed out the edges with the eraser set on the 3rd feathered brush, dodged and burned to get the right shadows, applied a blueish inner and outer glow, with 6% satin… Er… that’s the effects for meh.. (Well, teh symbol thingy was already a brush…)

IN CASE YOU CAN’T SEE IT, I added a slight transparency to my hair… but it not show ups >_>

Uh, I applied outer glow and inner glow to all the other layers and slight size and transparency changes. THATS IT!

Yay, this one is more rough cuz I was rushing to get done before I gone off to snowboarding. Its a picture of me holding some type of dark spiral of magic. The main point was to layer it under my fingers but on top of the rest of me..

First, using the pen tool, I selected the area I wanted on top of the ball of magic (in this case, my fingers & a part of my palm) and cut it from the rest of the pic, and put it on its own layer.

I then cut out the rest of me, I put that on a separate layer and deleted the original. Using the feathered eraser, I smoothed out the edges. Using satin at 7%, I smoothed out a lot of the pixle-y ness of my webcam… THEN, selecting the finger layer, I added shadows to the back of my hand and dodged the front. With the feathered brush at 60% opacity, I picked a lightish purple to go around the outer edge of the palm to suggest magical glow. The rest of the picture was with slight inner glow, pretty big outer glow.

I put a slightly more noticable purple transparency on my hair this time too, DOES YOU SEE IT?!

For the really faint arcane circle, it was on 90% opacity,  really close colours for both inner and outer glow, and a freaking huge brush size. The dark purple circle was only outer glow, and 100% opacity. The dots were just a pink colour overlay with purple outer glow.

For the really shiny arcane circles near mai hand, that was a layer with white base, purple outer glow, lavender inner glow and a duplicated layer.

The black magic swirly thing in my palm is a deep purple colour overlay, darkish purple inner glow and a large purple outer glow. Then, I put it between the layers of the two duplicated arcane circles.

MMKAY, I’m DONE WIF THE RANTING! lol, idk, I think I just wanted it to look like I wrote something instead of just posting pictures!

(Btw, Viadante FINISHED is coming next!)


EDIT: I just noticed that I didn’t put a siggy on my purple one… oh well, it has me in it, can’t do too much harm…

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