Let's all be random, shall we?

Strange Normalcy~

Ah, new story, well, not really, seeing as this is just because I wanted to procrastinate…and procrastinate…and keep procrastinating.. Yeah… I’m surprised that I haven’t found a way to procrastinate procrastination. =3


It was different, refreshing, even. No pressure, no worries of consequence, no eyes carving holes into your back.

More importantly, no expectations weighed down on my shoulders. (Although, I suspect that they still sag, mother had always berated me for having horrible posture)

I was free from that institution bent on sending sanity packing, over the hills and onto some raft in the Caribbean.

I envy it.

Hey, I might be glad to be free of that stupid place, but the first ‘quest’, and I use the term loosely, they sent me on had to be to this place full of loud, boastful, overbearing-

High school students.

Oh the horror, the agony, the- hey, does that person have a pair of cat ears? Wait, no, that was just an awesome hat, nevermind… And here I thought those teachers grew a semblance of a brain. Dammit.

Because, really, who would send someone who looked like a pre-teen to a high school? Gee, smart move there, teach. Or maybe its a some type of teacher made plan to torture me!

No? You don’t think so? Well, I don’t care, because I think so.

Lost in my sarcastic thoughts, I didn’t notice the person sneaking up behind me, intent to -oh, I don’t know, play a game of make-fun-of-the-short-person.

Ignoring your surroundings in potential enemy territory.. I’m a smart child…

“Hey kid!” I’ll walk away from that voice, I don’t like people that call me kid.

“What, are you scared or something?” Nope, I’m just scared of catching your stupid. I wonder if stupid is contagious? Ah, well, better safe than sorry.

“HEY MIDGET!” Oh no, the taboo word, this guy shall now enjoy hoards of starfish sent after him. Why starfish? Because they’re awesome, that’s why.

I whirled around to face to the potential victi- stop, lets not go there. But ohhh, I just wanna slap that arrogant smirk off of that face. Yes, a little closer, a little more… closer and-


I felt my fingers twitch, no, best not to start trouble before I knew more about the situation… However… I just want to take a pencil -oh my, there’s one on the floor right there- and stab, swipe, and anything else I can think of to do to the poor guy… Though I did laugh internally at the thought of him sporting a crudely drawn smiley face in place of his actual one..

Oh, oops, did I laugh out loud? It would seem like I did, what with all these random stares and whatnot being tossed casually my way.

Yes yes, pay no mind to the little girl laughing insanely in the middle of the hall way, nothing at all, NOPE!

I felt a hand come to rest on my shoulder, and I turned to glare at it, and followed it up to find a older woman, with kind features and typical round glasses smiling down at me, I suppose that this calls for a mood swing, I nodded to myself, yes, a mood swing would do me good right now.

I beamed a bright smile at the lady, and she decided that I’ve caused enough trouble for today and led me towards what seems to be an office.

Once the door shut with an unnatural click, her demeanour changed to one of a more mysterious quality, and her wizened features shifted into one more youthful. Neatly combed back grey hair gained a shine to make the strands gleam silver, and common greenish brown eyes lost the muddy colour and became a vibrant emerald, contrasting sharply with now smooth skin. Claw tipped fingers reached under the table (which also seemed to have changed in appearance) to retrieve two glasses, one of which she slid towards me.

With an extravagant twirl of my fingers, the cup filled with flame coloured liquid, at threat of my own against her display of power, a fire to her wood, it would do no good for this dragon to assume she can attempt to overpower me.

I could feel a slight smirk beginning to stretch across my lips when I felt the carefully reined in aura begin to bristle in agitation, obviously not taking kind to my oh-so-subtle -ah, warning. (I wouldn’t suppose that my looking like a twelve to thirteen year old helped much for her ego either)

She started to speak, although seemingly reluctant to do so, and I have a suspision as to why. It’s hard to bow your head and ask for help, especially for the dragonkin, and even more acutely, one on the borderline between the younger and older halves of their lives.

“It would seem..” She paused, obviously not wanting to voice her request, “that I require your assistance with the elimination of a threat form the underground of this institution”

Oh, by the way, have I mentioned that I’m a mage in training?

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