Let's all be random, shall we?

Strange Normalcy: Less than Normal

Ahahaha… *rubs head sheepishly* Its been a long time since I posted any sort of writing… hasn’t it? *gets dead fish thrown at me* I’ve even posted this on facebook before I got around to thinking about posting here… *gets lawnmowers thrown at me*

Less than Normal-

I couldn’t sleep.

The darkness stretched its tendrils into every corner of the spacious room, choking it with its long arms. Its fingers seemed to brush against silky skin, almost to wrap around the column and squeeze.

That wasn’t what bothered me.

Darkness was my element, its untouched areas used as an Eden for my times of need to escape, its dark clutches tempting with the uncertainty that is sure to come, intoxicating victims with promises that it would not keep.

Indeed, that was my element.

There was a dripping noise, a relentless rhythm like lost drops of rain that resonated through the room.

That wasn’t what kept me from my rest.

No, what prevented me drifting into dreamland was as oppressive as darkness and as relentless as the water.

It was louder than the oppressive silence of darkness, more patternless than the relentless taps of water.

It has become the bane of my existence.

It was that idiot roommate of mine’s snoring.

I bet this is revenge for pushing that dragoness out of her comfort zone. Jerk. (Well, actually, I wanted to say something to imply that she was a female dog, rudely, but I suppose that she could do much worse than my being placed with an annoying roommate. Maybe.)

Perhaps I should awake the sleeping thunder?

No. The last time I did that, it had not turned out so well. A- ah- colourful rainbow of words spewed forth from her supposedly delicate lips.

Indeed, not a pleasant situation at all.

I sighed and rolled onto my side, attempting to block out the snores with success that can be compared to waking up a dead stone. Yes, a dead stone, because just stone doesn’t cut it.

Speaking of stone…

I pulled the chain around my neck, sliding my fingers across the links until they came to rest on a large gem. Pulling the large stone by the clasp until it was drawn up into the moonlight, and the beautiful blue stone revealed a bright silver design, embedded into the gem by works of magic, depicting spells of ancient tongues. It gleamed with a strange purple shine, the light angling onto my face in violet patterns.

This stone, this simple stone –as beautiful as it is- held power beyond its looks, it was an unyielding lock, and I seemed to be without a key…

I twirled the gem between my fingers, staring as it streaked modified moonshine around the room. After what seemed an eternity, I wrapped my fingers around the jewel and tucked it back into place- under my shirt- and after a long while of watching the moon travel across the sky, I closed my eyes and fell into a dreamless sleep.

Morning came, and the dark shadows that were my reprieve scattered. I had woken much earlier than the sun, and the birds who decided that it was a good idea to sing seemed to stop as that nice little roommate of mine decided to wake and glare for all she’s worth at the stupid flappy animals. I really don’t think that she wants to be up, you know?

I flipped over on my own queen sized bed – yes, this school seems quite luxurious, but then again, I might just be getting special treatment, maybe.

I had come on a Friday, mostly because I didn’t want to start classes until I get my bearings and scout out the place, and this seemed a time good as any to ask my roommate to help me get oriented around this place, that was, after all, the only thing I can think of to ask her. It’s not that I’m antisocial or anything, quite the opposite, it’s just she’s not a morning person, at all. That glare of hers scared the magical daylights out of me.

No, I am NOT afraid of a normal human! Even if she wields a deathly glare! I refuse to admit that she scares me! I’m simply, um, cautious, yes, cautious is what I am.

After a few minutes of watching the girl with the creepy glare stumble around the room picking random things up – oh dear unholy god, what is that, and is it moving?– as she made her way to the bathroom. (I’m honestly surprised that she didn’t crash into the expensive decorative vases that were scattered around the room, or into some wall, for that matter)

A few minutes and several loud crashing sounds –possibly cracking sounds- later, she came out of the washroom in her full, sparkly glory, hair tamed into a side ponytail, and unhappy look replaced by a bright smile, and clothed in a baggy set of grey sweater and pants.

I was pulled out of the room by my arm after I asked her to show me the school, and REALLY, she damn near pulled my arm out of its socket, and oh hey, somehow, we ended up in the kitchen. Wonderful.

“Oh my! Who is this amazing little addition to your party?!” She stretched her hands towards me, and I took a step back, what is wrong with these people? Don’t you see the expression on my face that says ‘I DON’T WANT MY CHEEKS PINCHED’? She moved back, and ushered us toward the table, “oh, do hurry, all the food we made for you is getting cold! I wouldn’t want to waste the food!”

I stopped and turned to my roommate (who, I just remembered, I had not gotten the name of… Oh well.) “Haven’t you noticed that woman speaks in exclamations instead of sentences?”

She turned bright eyes towards me and made a mocking imitation of the kind woman. “No! Why would you ever think that! You are surely too rude to say such a thing!” Right here, I decided that, indeed, I like this person.

I placed my hand on her shoulder, and with serious eyes said, “I dub thee, my partner in crime.” And she had the gall to seem stunned for a moment, before bursting out in laughter that must have surely woken the dead and sent them running the other direction as fast as those skeletal legs can carry them.

Ahem! Moving on from that person (I still have yet gotten the name of)’s habits, I got a more than lengthy tour that was so damn long that I’m not even going to start to detail it. All I can really say is, this place resembles a castle, and honestly, I had a sudden chill, then turned and closed the window, sat there for a while, and when this chill came back, I decided to pretend this was all a horrible, horrible dream.

I opened my eyes; of course I see that idiot’s face. That meant two things.

One, this was not that nightmare I was hoping for.

More importantly, two, the stupid human is too goddamn close for comfort.

I scramble back. I don’t give a damn about my reputation. That girl scares me.

Hey, my partners in crime need to inspire fear in some way, right? Yes, of course they do.

She grins at me, and goes to open the window.

Dammit, the chill’s back, with a vengeance…


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