Let's all be random, shall we?

Strange Normalcy; Strange of the First Water

EDIT: I just picked up a random teens’ book at the library, flipped to a random page, counted the words on each page, and the pages in each chapter. There were about 200 words per page, and 6 pages. 1200 words. Seems like I’m in the right range O.o Teens’ attention spans don’t last that long, do they?


Told you it was going to be a double post! *Laughs*

The entire thing (the story part) is a healthy 1551 words, and yes, even if chapter 3 is going to have 7000-10000 words in it, I think it would be more gratifying if I post in smaller increments. You get to read more often, and I get moar feedback and feeling of accomplishment yes?

Now, I’m a teenager, therefor, I spew profanities as naturally as the word ‘the’, but I think it adds to the humor. *turns chin upwards*

Orange pudding pagebreak!

Strange Normalcy; Strange of the First Water (Part one)

Today. Was. Not. A. Good. Day.

And it is yet to be 9 am!

I’ve had water dumped on me, blinded, shoved around and pushed into a fountain.

Oh, oh, someone is going to die a horrible, painful, drawn out death.

A bell sounded, and somewhere, distantly, far, far, far, away, the rumble of hurrying footsteps echoed through the emptying halls.

What great joy; I’m late. I hate life.

I’ll bet a pretty penny that it hates me back too.

Pissed off aplenty, and more sodden than a drowned chicken, I stalked to the nearest building, not noticing anything around me. Yes, that was smart, and that was probably also how I got lost, but in any case, that is not the problem! Well, actually, it is, but, ohhh- forget I even said that.

And wham! I walked nose first into the nearest tree. Nearest! Gods- wait, stop right there, they’ll hear me- but, really, can’t I take two steps (well, actually, nine steps) without having some type of misfortune befall me. Really, it’s not fair! Fate is laughing now, isn’t he?

Heaving a sigh, I peeled, yes, peeled, myself off the tree, rubbing the sore spot with fingers surrounded by water, only to pull it back and see it tinted red.

Lovely. I’m bleeding, from crashing into a tree. Honestly, how fast was I walking? It can’t be normal to get bloody from walking into something. I buried my fingers into my hair. Those idiot brothers of mine would laugh until their stomachs burst! Pick up whatever spilled, and keep right on going!

As if fate wanted to mock me, a loud, deep laugh filled the air, ready to give that idiotic brother that I unfortunately had a piece of my mind, and a zap of magic, before I remembered that there shouldn’t be any annoying brothers to maim in this place. But knowing them, they would probably find a way through the security barriers for the sole purpose of mocking me.

Now that we’ve had that established…

I unleashed a small wave of wind magic, the pressure from condensing so much air whipped my hair up (and sometimes into my face, but releasing the spell just to brush it from wherever it got stuck just wouldn’t be cool) and the swirling mass of energy was sent flying toward whoever it may be that dared to laugh at me. The sneaky bastard…

“Woah! Dangerous, dangerous!” Crap. I knew that voice, and even though there was only one very short memory attached to it, I can’t say that I would enjoy whatever his presence deemed to bring me. I’ll even put this idiot in the category of other idiots that I’m forced to deal with at home. Joyous occasion isn’t it?

I sighed, deeply, breathe in, breathe out, in, ou- “Hey, it’s the short kid! What are you anyway?” I could feel my eyebrow twitching. Must-resist-urge-to-turn-idiot-into-mincemeat… (Oh boy! Idiotic mincemeat! Note heavy sarcasm.)

I opened my mouth to talk, only to find that, again, that stupid, stupid, boy had felt the occasion was great and cut me off again.

“You must be cutting class! Heh, I never pinned you for the sort.” He smirked, a mocking smirk, it was a now hated smirk, one that I had refrained from wiping clean off his face “Gutsy, skipping the first day eh?”

I ignored him, (or, made an attempt at it, anyway) bullying ones less fortunate is frowned upon, after all.

“Oh, or is it that the midget was too wimpy to even go to her first day of class?”

Screw the rules that say to not use offensive magic on The Majority, I’m taking this one down. It doesn’t really matter, does it? No one will miss this human. A ball of fire sprang forth to fulfill my command; after all, fire does more damage than wind does in the long term.

With the intention of letting the stupid human suffer before turning into a charred mass of stupid, the now more-than-proverbial ‘big ball of fire’ was flung toward the grinning idiot, gaining size as it went.

Closer and closer it flew, and the heat scorched the earth, burned the trees and heated the air, flying true towards its target until said target performed some miraculous jump-flip-spin-running-for-one’s-hide out of harm’s way! Now that’s just not fair! Really, what is this guy, a ninja?!

And I barely got a funny expression out of it! Tch, slight bugging of the eyes, and draining of blood from the face refuse to fit into the book of funny expressions of horror! Where’s the screaming like a little girl? The eyes falling out of their sockets? The extreme jaw slacking?

I feel… cheated…

So, so, so cheated out of my entertainment.

I loathe life; I hope it gets eaten by fanatical starfish. Go forth, my minions; AND TAKE OVER THE WORLD. (Yes, that was a caps lock moment, as it was a very loud mental screech that left my mental ears ringing. It would leave your ears burst if I let it manifest into something of the physical world.)

Let’s try that again.

I hurled a second, then a third, but not even one seemed to even get close to the ninja-boy. Frustrated out of my hair (and wits) I forgot what little restraint I gained and let loose a fire swirled tornado that tore through the ground with terrifying speed, ripping anything its flaming tendrils could find, and adding fuel to the inferno.

It grew; a great funnel that was thoroughly unstoppable. Or, at least, that was what I thought. I had confidence in bundles, but those delusions were shattered when a frozen gust swept across the newly formed clearing, cutting coldly (no pun intended) into the heart of the fire-storm.

“What? Why is-!“ I was cut off, for the third time, I thought, by idiotic mincemeat feeling that the distraction gave him a right to go ahead and use a few of those ninja skills I had no doubt he held in his arsenal. But he was cut off by whispers of the crowd that gathered around us. I vaguely thought; since when the hell was class out?

“Oh wow, what happened here? It’s lik-“

“Kyaa! Are those the Rozencruz brothe-“

“Ohhh~ Look at that little gi-“

I lost it at the last comment.

“I’M NOT LITTLE!” then what was said before struck me, “wait, Rozencruz brothers?”

I looked at them in amazement. “Those two totally different people are… brothers?”

I had every reason to doubt and question! The ‘brothers’ were polar opposites! I mean, sure, the personalities are fine if they’re different, but… the looks are just ridiculous- not a single feature had any indication that they were even of the same species! It’s illogical! It’s impossible! IT DEFIED THE LAWS OF PHYSICS! More importantly, it denied the laws of sanity! What happened to science? What happened to genetics? What happened to disowning the child with the funny coloured hair?!

The annoying one with the ‘short person’ insults had dark, wine tinted hair, spiked up in a way only a pillow can achieve, and vibrant eyes the colour of the flames  I tossed at him. His uniform was a mess, with the cravat loosened and falling off his neck, as well as the first three buttons on his dress shirt undone, and the outer coat flapping freely in the wind, she concluded that he was a typical I-was-too-lazy-to-bother-with-neatness type person. The type that said, “I got up today, don’t expect more from me.” It makes no sense that he hadn’t been shunned and expelled from this uptight school. I blame this on his ninja disappearing skills. (Note to self, steal those ninja skills a.s.a.p.)

In perfect contrast, the other brother, the more polite one, had hair the colour of moonlight, long strands tamed backwards into a low ponytail. Brooding obsidian eyes seemed to stare straight through whatever masks you hide behind, and peel away at the layers of your soul. What’s more, the severe uniform of black silk and silver embellishments had been transformed into a pristine, almost holy white and gold piece that seemed to set him apart.  At first, I scorned the colours, how tacky, I had thought. I almost thought he was some kind of holy child to banish me to the depths of hell. Then, I thought about the almost deadly glare he sent to his brother, and thought; nah, can’t be right, if he’s related to that.

Heh, looks like they don’t like each other very much… Family disputes? The flame bitten cockroach has to have been the disowned one…

By the way, I must point out the designs for the uniforms are exceptional, they give anyone a figure!

“Oh Gods! Are they going to fight? Please tell me it isn’t so!”

“I would, but then I’d hate to be lying.”

Oops, looks like I missed a chunk of the present here, snickering, I decided that whoever was the last person to speak, I liked them already! Wait, fight? FIGHT? Go Ice Cube! DESTROY THAT FIRECRACKER!

I don’t care if you think I’m rude to label them like that, in my personal opinion, Ice Cube is better than He-who-has-an-icicle-up-his-ass and firecracker preferable to he-who-got-thrown-into-the-middle-of-a-bonfire yes? I’m glad you agree.

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