Let's all be random, shall we?

Has it been forever? I think it has xD

HELLO! *echos*




I shall be doing (hopefully) a drabble series called “If Maya…” concerning what would happen if I was flung into different situations. They’re not going to be longer than 200 words, I dun think.

It’s going to be strange and badly written. BUT WHO CARES, ‘TWAS STRESS RELIEF~

So far, my ideas include:

-was a teacher (hide your children xD)

-was transported into the naruto universe (sharp objects!)

-plotted to take over the world

-actually took over the world

-had a twin

-finally cracks

-could fly

-was an elder sister

-was a younger sister

-was a mother (O.o)

-didn’t exist (nuuuu)

-was shrunk

-was taller (finally)

-ate too much sugar

-moved to a warmer place

-lived on the moon

-had a camera on the way to hell

-was a tree (wait, what?)

-divided by 0

-was a vampire

-gone to the D. Grey universe

-could jump roofs

-was not Maya (dun dun dun)

-got shorter


Add to the list xD

first in the “If Maya…” series: introduced Klein and Cline (former is my character, latter is a friend)

88 words. Props to Cline (whose last name shall remain undisclosed because he doesn’t want stalkers, despite the fact that no one will want to stalk him)

The two stared intently at each other, studying, analyzing; concluding. They circled the room like hawks, one bearing an insincere smile and fox eyes, the other fine, black strands and intelligent glasses.

“So, your name’s Klein hmm?”

“So, your name’s Cline hmm?”

They both flashed a roguish grin and sat down on a conveniently placed couch, eyes shining with an unholy light when they started to chuckle to themselves.

“Introducing them was a bad idea, huh?”


So the two bystanders ran off into the distance.


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