Let's all be random, shall we?

Oh god, 24 days? I’m ashamed!

Wahh! *frantically runs around, patching walls and dusting corners*

*Sigh* Well, um, hi… *gets hit by a thrown sink* wdf?

Okay, okay, I’ll be giving a relatively long post yes? ;A;

Today’s topic is… *spins random lever*


Oh geez, where should I start? Well, first, I really, really, really don’t like misspellings of a character’s name in cases of fanfiction, and in original fiction, blatantly ripped off names from other sources is a no, unless it’s cleverly done (such as making non-copyright infringementing references to said previous work) and misspellings in general. I mean, how do you read something that is badly spelt that it could be mistaken for multiple words in a delicately complex language like english? On emphasized words? (AkumaHime, I’m looking at you for that ‘intrusting’ thing you had going on…) I guess another pet great peeve of mine is when people use ‘txt spk’ in a situation that really doesn’t call for it. i mean, wud u read my stuff if i rote all my posts lik dis????? it wud annoy u wudnt it?? (Actually, that was quite a challenge, it probably took me longer that I would have if I typed normally…) Especially when they mix in both u and you, or to and 2. They really need to work on writing in proper english before posting anything for the general public >_>

Please don’t get me started on grammar. (Meep, too late) Capitalization, proper sentences, correct punctuation, and please, please, don’t mess up the they’re, their, and there… It’s disconcerting when even people who can spin beautiful images with mood setting words, and then, splat, something goes wrong in the form of grammar and the moment is ruined. Besides that, there’s always the one who !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’s people to death, or ??????????????ing an entire line. Okay, we got the point with the first one, felt the impact on the second, and was overwhelmed by the third. Give it a break, unless you’re having a ‘who can write the most punctuation marks’ contest, DON’T DO IT. Oh and word choice, really, I don’t think that using one word multiple times in a paragraph is good, seriously. I supposed forms of the same word can count in that catagory too >_>

Uh oh, here comes the topic of capitalization. Yes, I know that it doesn’t sound that important, and probably, it isn’t to some people but it’s probably one of the things that bother me the most. Come on! It’s one of the first things you learn isn’t it? To capitalize the first word when starting a new sentence? (Now, don’t go all CAPS LOCK CRAZY like I do on facebook, it’s unsightly ‘-‘) On a side note, because I don’t really care too much about it, don’t forget your ‘ s <== does not get how to emphasize…

Now, the last 200 some words were all on basic aesthetics, how a piece looks instead of content, aka, what the writer is talking about…

Okay, I'm all for the 'insert character into this plotline' type stories, because, hey, it's fun, and even more so when there's a twist to it. BUT, if you straighten out the twist, and shove the characters that you're using into the mould and make them exactly as they were in the original (i.e. Cinderella plotline in which non-European characters were used but was still in a European setting anyway) but replaced the names and looks, and then left the rest as is, I will hunt you down and kick you off a cliff. As well, when you're writing a fanfiction, don't give your added characters names that don't fit in at all, really, it's ineffective and for a lack of a better word, stupid. I once read a pretty well written Inuyasha (about a dog demon and a time traveller with their friends traversing feudal Japan) fanfic and then gave up on it as soon as I saw the name Alexis, and said OC was related to a character from the canon and there was no reason for her name to stand out from the norm. Unacceptable, so, I clicked the tab closed and moved on with my life.

Now that I’m on a roll about characters, I need to talk about my hate for Mary Sue type characters. They’re the characters that make people roll their eyes at how unbelievable that character is. Usually, they have the barbie syndrome, aka, “she’s a doctor that goes around saving the lives of puppies who in her spare time models and sings while saving the world with her magic wand” (this is borrowed from The Universal Mary Sue Litmus Test, follow the link to take it for your OC) however, this can be breeched with the fact that the Sue-ness could be found in other characters as well. (Such as an elite school for prodigies) As well, there’s things that usually add to the depth of a character but became so exaggerated it just got annoying. One such example is shifting eye colour, with each colour symbolizing a different emotion. With a few (red for anger, blue for calm, grey for sadness, yellow for happy) fine, it’s only a few, and could really add to the story, although I find it’s usually better if the colours were just shifting in saturation, it makes it much less tacky. When eye colours (Or god forbid, full body appearance) changes go out of control and escalate past five (I’d stick to three and less though) it turns into a mess of confusion and eye rolling readers. (coughLadyStrikecough) though usually this happens in fanfictions and crossover fanfictions, specifically.

Well, since I’m closing in on 1000 words, I’ll end it there, but more to come later 😀


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