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Writer’s Tip Two

Okay, so we all enjoy typing shorthand when texting or chatting online, I mean, now, you need to know it if you want to type quick enough to keep up (unless you have some mad ultra quick fingers that shave those precious seconds off your typing.) Those types of things are conveniant, but are simply bad taste when it comes to proper writing.

We all know to not use @ for at, 2 for too, u for you, but what about the other things? Things that are a bit longer, so we think is perfectly acceptable?

Using OK, ok, or some mutated form of that is not alright in this warped little mind of mine. Anything other than ‘okay’ would annoy me unless it comes in the form of something that fits with the situation. Usually, that calls for computer technicalities or system checking in which OK is more of an accronym than an affirmative.

More often, one would see the butchering of the word ‘yeah’. I can’t stand it when it gets mutilated by the writer into ya, yea, yah, or whatever else somebody could come up with. Unless you’re giving someone an accent, write it properly. Generally, the shorter it becomes, the less inclined I am to accept it.

Now, excuse me as I have a fit. *tears up room looking for my sketch*

_| ̄|○

That’s it… I guess this is becoming and extension of my little rant on writing peeves…


One response

  1. Even when I’m texting or I’m online, I don’t type in shorthand except lol. I always type out words like you, to, what, and okay. I rarely use ok. I’m just like add the a and y! Ugh and kk and k drive me crazy. Yeah remains yeah to me too. No ya, yea, or yah.

    August 2, 2011 at 4:54 am

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