Let's all be random, shall we?

Oh my, is that…?

IT IS! It’s another post with a picture! Oh geez, two in a row? Maya, are you crazy? No, I assure you, I am not. This is just something that I decided to doodle for fun (because face only pictures are now so insanely easy it’s usually not even worth it)


So, instead of a picture of my odd looking self, I decided to draw one instead! (You know, so I at least know WHAT you think I look like)

Obviously, I don’t have the heart shaped face, or the really big eyes, or have hair like that… (mine is darker and shines white instead of a lighter tone) however, those are MY glasses, no matter how you look at it. I own that shirt too…

The lollipop was being eaten as I sketched πŸ˜€

Just one thing. I got really, really pissed off at the ‘multiply’ layer property. I couldn’t do backgrounds! White refused to show! So in the end, I saved the parts I wanted solid and in front of the cast shadow in a png file, and went with it when it came to getting the shadow put in the way I wanted. Oh well, it works, the fact remains, I didn’t need to do a CG lineart πŸ˜€

For that fact, I will love it forever.



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