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Rainbow Challenge: Red

The rainbow challenge! My first attempt at romance! I should stop speaking in exclamations!

Red isn’t in here, but I did mention it with the word crimson. I thought that it fit the situation much better.

Obviously, this is a drabble story; as in, each chapter shall be 100 words long, no more, no less. Of course, that is only the text, not the title or anything. Oh, and, before you think you’re about to read 700 words of happy, you are sorely mistaken, if I write romance, it with be angsty romance. I can’t do the cute stuff without feeling disgusted…

The colours of a rainbow; from red to violet, they tell a seven coloured story.

Rainbow Challenge: Red.

It all started, on that night, when screams pierced the air, cutting though the darkened halls of the oppressing Class Zero building. I was chained, three escorts making sure this AWOL little girl wasn’t going to go berserk and escape.  Even after agonized screeches of pain none of three silent Class Zero members moved to do anything other than to restrain me. A figure in the distance faded in from the misty rain, the next moment, I was free.

It all started, on that night, when he offered a crimson tainted hand and asked me to escape Erydia with him.


Erydia is a large country on the Theok continent. As the only land that holds ‘Magic’ and more than 95% of mana users born there, it became the land of magic. 27 provinces divide the country, and they are split into the North Moon provinces, Central Star provinces and Southern Sun provinces. The Alumni of Erydia meet in the Lunar Palace, built on an island off the northern shore of Moon Country in which there is an unusually large amount of mana. The Sun provinces are bordering the Issac and Renthru countries, making it a prime location for magical trade. The capital of Moon province is Lyda, a large city that holds all 9 classes of magic users. Class 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0, Zero.




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