Let's all be random, shall we?

So, I was Thinking…

Uh oh, Maya’s thinking. That can’t be good.

Should I change the look of the blog? After all, it’s been like this since I first started it, and I don’t really think that I should change. However, the green clashes with the blue just a little bit; is this enough to warrant a change?

I’ve told AkumaHime that changing the aesthetics of your site often is disorientating, and should only be done with a good grasp of the potential outcome. However, I do think that I should change it. Especially since the header is something I doodled up when I was first making this. The background isn’t original, and I can probably make it cater better to my layout if I could make it myself.

Obviously, it’s still going to be dark, probably darker than how it is now, since I’ll be making it so that the white words stand out. Obviously, my header is also going to get redone, since I have the skills now to make an awesome NEW header. ;D


If anything; please give your opinion to the change. Of course, it’s going to take weeks, or months depending how many ideas I get, or how busy the new school year is going to be. If you can. give me something that you think would be nice to see. =’D




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