Let's all be random, shall we?

Rainbow CHALLENGE: Green

Green is the “middle” colour, and thus is a little special. I wanted to put a lot more into it, but the idea was too large to fit, so I removed it completely. You’ll be sure to see a whole new side of Green in Kaleidoscope (which I can’t really start on until all the colours are done.) A longer A/N will follow the content.

The colours of a rainbow; from red to violet, they tell a seven coloured story.

Rainbow Challenge: Green

They were so young; yet dangerous enough to warrant eradication. Through the emerald leaves of the tree I could see the two walk along at a solid pace, neither showing any signs of fatigue. I could barely comprehend them; how could they continue for hours like this? Forced to be so paranoid? My heart felt heavy; already they had been forced into becoming weapons for the underground because they were special, growing up and knowing more of the dirty side of the world that children were never meant to see.

They were so young, and I had to kill them.


So, this is the thing that introduces the angst portion, as well as a whole new character (who’s only appearance PoV wise is this one.) Green, as it is the official half way point, it does deserve a little bit of a special feel to it. Before, when I had forgotten Indigo, I had this one as the girl’s PoV, but I think that this one works better ;D

Blue is now the actual girl’s turn again and I think a little bit of fluff is needed before things grow dark. (And the future is dark for me too, as I have yet to decide what I’m going to do for that damned Indigo!)

Please refer to Red for background information.


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