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Rainbow CHALLENGE: Purple

Oh gods; I feel horrible ;A;

Purple was really easy to write, in the way the words flowed and keeping word count under control (since I didn’t need to edit at all) but I had a hard time deciding who I wanted it to be interpreted as. I hope I achieved my original claim of having it be a romance/angst. Especially the angst… It’ll be explained more once Kaleidoscope is up. (Well, maybe I’ll tell who actually died, or maybe not) but I’m sure those that know me well will be able to guess the interpretation that I first had.

Well, here’s to a closing; with a beautiful colour to boot. I was going to make a reference to royalty, but I decided against it since that would make things a lot more complicated for my work on CoR; K… As well, this is set in the Prodigy universe, and involving my main characters, but this is not going to be a spoiler because they’re not going to die like this. I fact, I’m not sure how I’m going to end prodigy, so this, if I do incorporate this into Prodigy, it’s going to only be up to Indigo.

The colours of a rainbow; from red to violet, they tell a seven coloured story.

Rainbow Challenge: Purple

A sickening splatter left blood seeping through silk. Horror spread though my system like a lethal poison; freezing my limbs as I watched the scarlet slowly bloom into a morbidly beautiful flower on her chest; its tendrils tainting blue into a deep, deathly purple. I wanted to scream, I wanted to yell, I wanted to lay waste to the gods for being so unfair. We danced to a forever, and my forever has come to an end.  I wrapped my hand around the hilt of the short weapon, slipping it out carefully.

A sickening splatter left a stuttering, dying heart.

Okay, so, I know that the colour doesn’t really fit, but I tried the darker purple colour, and it was almost harder to read than Indigo.

I made a slight connection to how I originally planned for the poison to be my representation of purple; however, after redoing the last half, I decided to change blue completely (though it was always going to be a lighthearted chapter) and put a bit of foreshadowing and convenience so I can write purple like this.

Now that we’re at the end, a few questions on what you thought of this 700 word mini masterpiece. Answer one, or answer all, or even just a few; but the option of none at all has not been given ;D

  1.  Did you feel sad that it ended like this?
  2.  What did you think of my characters?
  3.  Speaking of characters; what did they look like, in your mind?
  4. How was your impression of my PoV changes? Were they done well? Did they fit? (Hold up, that’s three questions)
  5. Would you read Prodigy if I post it?
  6. How about Kaleidoscope?
  7. Did I succeed in meeting the Challenge and the genres I set out to do?

Well, happy reading!



2 responses

  1. I can’t call this beautiful because it’s much more than that. It fits the color perfectly in my opinion. I’ll answer a few questions!
    1. Well I love sad endings (sounds crazy) but I felt some sadness. Just cause it’s over ^.^
    4. I was really impressed with your PoV changes. It didn’t feel disconnected at all.
    5. YES.
    6. Again, YES. I love the way you write.
    7. I think it fit the angst nearly perfectly.

    August 28, 2011 at 7:44 pm

    • Thank you so much xD

      It’s nice to hear an opinion from someone that doesn’t know me personally. Especially someone who writes as well as you do. And YAY, QUESTIONS!

      I don’t know, I really like purple, despite my lack of time spent on it. I left the looks to one’s own imagination, as there wasn’t a single descriptive word that truly gave you a solid idea… I think I was looking forward to question three the most! (Oh well..)

      I enjoy sad endings, mostly because they touch deeper into the reader than the ‘happily ever after’

      I shall eagerly await your purple xD

      August 28, 2011 at 8:19 pm

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