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Story Ranting, One

So, we all know I write quite a bit, a reflection of how much free time I have. Looking through pages upon pages of fanfiction on ff.net got me thinking. Why shouldn’t I put something here on my thoughts about what’s in a title?

Gee, I really do have too much time.

But anyway, a title is to represent a story. The first thing that a person sees while cotemplating weather or not to click in or crack open the story that you wrote. Generally, they’re kept short, concise, and seemingly always vague. Said vagueness is to leave wiggle room in case of wandering plotlines (especially in a write as you post situation, in which the plot can really dance to its own tune and refuse what you’re telling it to do) which really does make a lot of sense. Ways that people name stories are to characterize the protaganist (The Spymaster’s Lady) the setting (City of Ember) a single pivotial event (Trapped in Ice) or a source of great symbolism. (Wisteria by MissTeak on ff.net)

A bad name will stop people in their tracks if it’s unreasonable. Which is usually making title too long or misleading (like implying fantasy when there isn’t any) or contradictions and grammatical mistakes. (_____’s New Adventure! Or is it? Part ___) Yeah, that.

Hmm, I think that’s it. ( Oh, and try to spell things properly, and putting capitals in the right place)



2 responses

  1. I haven’t put too much consideration in titles until I started posting my stories on my blog. I try to keep it a word or two and it reflect the theme or some important symbol of the story. Like I wrote some story about a woman mesmerized by a watch she couldn’t afford on some random guy and when he died all she could think about was his watch so I named it The Rolex Watch. I always mess up on what words to capitalize though. I know articles shouldn’t be capitalize unless it’s the first word but I’m pretty sure I do it all the time lol.

    September 8, 2011 at 7:19 pm

    • For a while, I was always getting annoyed at my titles, and I think that a word to three should be who it is. (But I do know long titles are great too, since I have something called Silver is Just a Shade of Grey…)

      Some titles are good in your head, but seems cheesy when it’s written xD

      September 8, 2011 at 9:03 pm

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