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Seasons Challenge: Fall

Seasons Challenge

The seasons. Each unique, each captivating, each encasing a story of their own.

Fall: Coming to Splattered Fruit

She pulled, for the umpteenth time, on the strap of her small bag that carried not much more than a stick of lip gloss and a cellphone. After, She reached again for an abused lock of hair, and twirled it about her finger. Nerves were tensed and she could not find it within herself to stop fidgeting. After all, this was a position that most would kill to have; and one that she’s been working on an application for the last year! The coveted position of personal secretary to the young heir to the large Aā€¢Sā€¢D company. It paid a very good amount, and this was the most amazing chance that she’s ever had in her short life. Her thoughts drifted into enemy territory as they ran rampant in thoughts of self doubt. At her previous company, she had been a character designer for the games the company published, but mostly, it was because she had such a mess at her small desk, all the papers flying through the air and hitting anyone unfortunate enough to walk in at such times of chaos. For goodness sake, if she couldn’t organize a desk, how was she supposed to organize Mr. Vante’s entire work day? She groaned; this was doomed to fail, miserably.

Her hands clapped over her cheeks, leaving behind a slight, refreshing sting. Slowly whispering to herself, “C’mon Aurua-girl! You can live though this!” Mentally shaking herself out of the road of negativity, she looked around more closely at the huge- empty- hall.

The large waiting room was empty save the occasional person who was ushered quickly into one of the various doors lining the walls by staff wearing immaculate uniforms. It was silent, there was no wind to ruffle the leaves on the (equally well kept) trees. Only distant clicking of heeled shoes on waxed floor.

But what was most damning of all about this place was so… White!

White chairs, white marble floor, white flowerpots, white desk, white chandelier, white shoes, white suit…

Wait, suit?

Her head snapped up, coming face to face with a blank faced heir. His golden eyes staring disapprovingly at the mass of dark hair and blue clothing.

‘Dear god! His hair is white!’

(Haha, I really wanted to end it here, but I’ll add more. Remember, what you’re seeing after this note is pure extra scene. Kay?)

“My hair is silver, not white.”

Aurua didn’t know weather to blush from embarrassment or blanch from horror, so she turned this most interesting shade of pink that made everything just that much more awkward. “Ah, Mr. Vante, I- well-” she stumbled over her words trying as well as she could to salvage what was left of the quickly crumbling situation.

So much for first impressions…

Impassive eyes stared down from the tall– intimidating, whi- silver haired man, “Hn.” He turned and walked to the elevator, leaving a stumbling Aurua to follow. Jerk, she thought, you don’t have to be so damn high-and-mighty all the time. A long finger pressed the button to the 46th floor, and the ride up was stiflingly silent save for surprisingly good elevator music.

The elevator dinged, dropping them off in front of a large door with the number 46 printed in white on the dark wood. Silence reigned once more on the walk to the corner office (that took up the space of at least five normal sized ones) and was not broken until the heavy door was opened with a click.

Gold eyes looked pointedly at her, then at the desk perpendicular to the main oversized mahogany cousin of her meager space. “Sit and work. Organize this week, file the documents.” With what he wanted said out, he turned and sat at his computer, tapping away.

The dark haired girl grimaced; no wonder this job was open so often. That prick is completely overbearing! How was she supposed to survive anyway? Especially- her gaze fell to the stacks of paper that had to be filed, then to the haphazard scribbling of appointments and meetings that were written on brightly coloured post-it notes- the part where she had to do her job. There was an overwhelming urge to smash her head onto the very sturdy looking surface that is to be her workstation for the rest of however long she was working for Kassen Vante. Ruefully, she thought, that might not even be that long..

“Relax; your agitation is making you unable to focus and concentrate. Take a few breaths and try again.” He intoned. However blandly he put it, it was something that was helpful, without even sarcastic implications. I think he’s really a nice person on the inside!

“If you prove yourself to be incapable, I will fire you after you are done the work. Show me you are not the idiot you made yourself out to be.”

Ugh! Nevermind! He’s the spawn of the devil’s GRANDFATHER!

Haha, I like it. The words flowed and the title was clever. All in all, this Maya is quite pleased!

Ahahaha… I’m late… really late… I’M SORRY!

*Goes and hides in a corner*


EDIT: fixed a few of the glaring mistakes; let me know about any that I missed.

2 responses

  1. It was worth the wait šŸ™‚ Everything honestly flows from the title to characters. I really like Mr. Vante’s character…he is quite memorable to me even though this is just the beginning! But I like it and I’m looking forward to reading more ^.^ It’s in the settings I usually write.

    Oh and I nominated you for the Lovely Blog Award because you’re an great writer and you are always giving me inspiration. More information is on my blog šŸ™‚

    September 23, 2011 at 4:26 pm

    • Thank you very much! It’s a welcomed change as well; I thought about you and your situations when deciding on the setting of this story. Seems like t’was a good decision.

      Mr. Vante is based off of a skating instructor of mine. Even though she was much less intimidating because she was this little Russian woman…

      Nominations for the Lovely Blog Award… *insert happy dance here* I would send cake; but I think shipping won’t go over so well. :3

      September 23, 2011 at 7:42 pm

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