Let's all be random, shall we?

Procrastination; it Applies Here.

Gods, how many times have I said “I’ll do it later” or something to that effect this week?

Answer: lots.

Now, I’ll just post a few pictures that I’ve finished up recently one at a time so it looks like I did something productive ‘-‘


The process is quite simple. I drew it with the image I had of the ice cream, and this is what I got.

Then, I scanned it, and adjusted the brightness and contrast of the image. After the black and whites were sorted properly, and most of the grey was gone, I gone into channels and used the dotted circle thingy and selected all the white. Back to the layers, making the background layer (aka, the image) into ‘layer 0’ , then just deleting all the white (selected) space.

Thus we have LINEART. (or something)

Then use your favorite way to fill in each of the colours, then add shading and layering, then… TADA! DONE!




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