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Little Things Challenge: Finishing a Dream

Here it is, have fun reading!

Finishing a Dream


You’d just broken through a wall with a freaking spork, and is on the run from creepy monsters that want to eat you, with the little child you had just finished rescuing. The forest is just ahead and if you can get through, you’re safe. There’s a gigantic spork in your hand and there’s nothing stopping you from the ending. The grass whiz by and suddenly-

There’s a loud beeeeeeeep coming from somewhere.

Obviously, by then, you’ve had already flailed around, trying to smack that alarm clock into a million tiny pieces of shrapnel, but since that snooze button remains evasive. You’re forced to crack half an eye open, and finally, finally, land a hit on the clock that stops the irritating beeping.

Hastily pulled blankets and ungraceful face-buried-in-pillow, half off the mattress position leads to that dream that, no matter what, you just have to finish. The feeling that you get when you fall asleep again, that somehow, some godly figure above took pity on you and pressed a pause button on your brain and you are right there again. That feeling is-



2 responses

  1. Haha I found it quite humorous, the storyline. Also your style of writing makes it more enjoyable to read. I love the 2nd POV! I don’t see it often. You know if this was an opening to a novel, I would not be able to put the book down.

    November 7, 2011 at 8:32 pm

    • Haha, thank you, I’m not sure if I actually have a recognizable storyline… *shifty eyes*

      Second person was because it would make it more like something that one would do in the morning, I mean, everyone’s had at least one conflict with the evil alarm clock.

      That’s an inspiring thought! Though… I can’t even start to imagine what happens next… a faceful of orange juice and maple syrup bath? xD

      November 7, 2011 at 9:11 pm

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