Let's all be random, shall we?


Wheeee, this was something I wrote while freezing my fingers off at the bus stop, no wounder its so depressing. And yes, it’s a fanfiction, abit a short one, to go along with Code Geass: Leloich of the Rebellion R2 (Spoilers for the end.)

CG fanfiction: Tomorrow.

He tried not to think of any regrets, after all, tonight was a time that he should be reflecting on everything he’s done, everything good, everything bad, and everything that made him happy. No, he should not think of the things he left- will leave behind because-

He was going to die tomorrow.

Mentally shaking himself out of the looming truth, he lifted his amethyst eyes to sweep the room. The large bed covered with black silks, large windows and a wardrobe that befit the man that planned how-

He was going to die tomorrow.

He quirked his lips into a sullen, resigned smile, tracing the edge of the hawk like mask he had worn for the battles that had lead up to this point. Where he sat on the dealings of the world, dressed in white and gold, from the seat for the ruler of the world. One last time, he delved into his memories, dredging up tales from long ago, people long forgotten. He would not be forgotten when his short reign of the world, for the aftermath would be fear, but there would be peace because-

He was going to die tomorrow.

That being said, I don’t think its too bad of a spoiler until you watch ep… 20?



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