Let's all be random, shall we?

Tis the Season!

To Spend Money… Tralalalala, lalalala. (Oh, hey, not bad)

I hate Christmas, mostly because of the gift giving aspect. It’s either I don’t bother giving gifts at all, or I spend hours (and tons of money) to find good gifts. We all know that feeling, and here’s a head start on gift buying. (because shipping times are horrid) Plus, they’re affordable, and are guaranteed to never be re-gifted.

9 very cool ideas are:

1) Your Swish is my Command!

A wand as a universal remote! Now, who doesn’t want something  like that? Really, who doesn’t? It uses the infrared codes that control your devices and learns them. Totally cool. You can buy it for around $40.00 here.

2) Hot? I’m absolutely BOILING!

A cup warmer! It connects into usb ports, so it really is very well thought out. Plus, its so cheap! (it’s less than $10.00 if you buy three, A STEAL.) However, if I wanted it shipped to Canada, the shipping is $9.99 ‘-‘ Still, ingenious! From the same site as above, get it for $5.00 here.

3) You! Spin!

If you and your friends are like the rest of the world, you’d like this invention that keeps us lazier too. it has a propeller (but it stirs instead of propelling) at the bottom and it activates with a button. Smart people, them UKians. Get it here for $12.00.

4) …Wine, WOAHWAIT.

Last one from that site, I swear it. But your wine loving friend might love you just a bit more with this one. Looks precarious, probably is too. Hey, works with most bottles, so, whatever. Can be yours for $20.00 From That Site Again.


You know, for that one friend you’re sure isn’t quite all there. The guy that sells these things is based on Ebay, and it’s a metal claw for $12.00, and it’s free shipping. WOO. They have lots of different designs so go stare at them here.

(I’d buy them.)

6) Flap, Damn You. (A parody of “Quack, damn you”)

They’re for belly dancing, granted, but it is REALLY REALLY REALLY BIG AND SHINY. Generally, on Ebay, they go for $20-30.00 (including shipping) and most times they don’t provide the sticks (because those need to be 75 freaking centimeters long) But this thing is HUGE. 150 cm from the neck to the tip of the stick, and opened up, almost 3 meters. $20 bucks, I’d buy it in a heartbeat. (To find, just get onto ebay and search “wings of isis”)

7) You’re Getting Old!

This is definitely something that should not be given to someone with a sense of humour that’s been eating from a tube the past 20 years. And probably works better if the receiver is at an age in which grey hairs is something off in the distance.  If they’re already dreading the years that would make their hair that colour, you’re better off getting something else. Spend a few bucks on making it look like their hair, just for a laugh. Prices will range from $20 to 80.00 depending on length and quality. (Of course, if you’re going to get human hair [or not] it’s going to get really pricy…) To get the exact one above for $40.00 go to cosplayfu. Attach a “Travel into the future, and look down into a mirror.” note to it ;D

8) Holy Hell, it’s Taller than ME.

Okay, so, not ALL giant stuffies can eat you, but you have to admit even just a 5 foot tall teddy bear is a pretty great gift. (I use mine as a pillow and seat when I think the floor is too hard, plus, it absorbs warmth. I stuck it onto the heat vent for a day, gone to school and sunk into the fluffy mass of epic when I got back) The one pictured is NOT cheap, it’s a whopping $300.00 and has no international shipping. This seven foot great white lives here though.

9) Clever Shirts are Clever.

For that person who seems to fail at spelling their name once in a while. Actually, I’ll make the site it belongs to do the talking.

IT’S $16.00! GO GET IT!

And there’s the list of all awesomeness. If you love me enough to send me one. I EAGERLY AWAIT A COMMENT ;D

Very good, sir.


2 responses

  1. lol imagine if the wand had a mind of its own, and literally goes against the user

    November 20, 2011 at 11:21 pm

    • Where do you get these ideas? <:|


      November 20, 2011 at 11:42 pm

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