Let's all be random, shall we?

31 Days Challenge: First Snow

The first of the Challenge for December… (I’ll change the page later)

Day One, First Snow

Aurua turned her eyes to the large window she sat near, bored out of her mind with all of Mr. Vante’s- no, Kassen’s appointments and work schedules neatly organized into a compact, ultra-thin handheld. Geez, when was lunch going to start? She griped loudly in her mind, at least then I can have a legitimate reason for dragging him out of the building…

She twirled a pen absently through her fingers, occasionally making lazy strokes across the post-it that she liberated from the much larger mahogany desk (it didn’t fit with the look anyway, with it being a cheery shade of bright pink) all while she scrutinized all the nothing outside.

She did a double take, the rubbed her eyes.

Was that…?

A tiny flutter of white danced across her vision, drifting just beyond the transparent barrior of glass that was the window.

It was!

The chair spun when she leaped into the air and twirled about the office in joy, finally, snow! The little pieces of the clouds made her day a bit brighter. Sure, in a few months she was going to be grumbling through a thick scarf, but whatever, she’ll enjoy the moment while it lasts.

Eager to count the snowflakes, imagining making a fool of herself trying to catch the crystals on her tongue.

The door creaked open, and the sight that greeted him was his childish fiancée of a secretary was pressing her face flush against the window, effectively scaring away all the birds.

He arched an eyebrow, half confused and half amused.

“You’re dirtying up the window, stop it.” then he added, “If you want, we can go to that café you love so much today.”

He got a squee of happiness and a hug for his efforts.

Yes! Aurua and Kassen from Seasons! Aren’t you happy? :> Um, yes, I always did intend for them to get together, but I have no idea how this was going to work… (I believe that Spring and Summer will be the following year then…)

Very good, I’ve completed my task!


(EDIT: Spelling mistakes fixed)

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