Let's all be random, shall we?

31 Days Challenge: Sunset

I’m late by a whole hour =w= WOW.

that’s okay, I’ll just double post today ‘-‘

Anyway, lets get on with it, I’m sleep deprived and copy and pasting from word is a lot easier than typing…

Bright orange rays settled on the horizon, each making a long, bright beam that-

Hurt her eyes!

She pulled the long, yellow line that hung above the windows, a loud ding sounding to indicate that the bus was going to stop for her. Sighing, she stood, and walked the few steps to the doors.

With a loud and unsettling crunch, her foot landed firmly in a puddle, having broken through the thin ice with her heels.

Aurua turned to the sky, angrily shaking a fist at the fluffy white clouds that seemed to tremble with laughter in the chilling breeze, “Why? First I’m late to work, and now you soak my shoes? Did I kick puppies in my past life or something?” A bright light flashed, and she was seeing spots for the next few minutes. Then, she began anew her raving at the gods. “Oh, thank you so much, its sunset and it’s-“ she glanced at her phone, “four o’ clock, thank you, life.

With that she stomped off toward her home.

I knew I put sunset there for a reason. I keep getting pissed off at how I get home from school, and it’s dark. =w=


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