Let's all be random, shall we?

31 Days Challenge: Getting out the Boots

This time, I’m late by 25 minutes… I’M GETTING CLOSER!

It’s gotta still be the third somewhere out there.

I’m starting to think that the last post will be the first one of next year D:

Bah, I’ll get it started. Before you ask, those two are living together.

Day 3) Getting out the Boots

She grumbled, running a hand through her messy hair. Why didn’t anyone tell her that she was late? Sure, it was still dark outside, and the snow gave her a reasonable excuse to be late, but still, she was late. She was never late!

She padded around the kitchen, grabbing a pastry from the fridge and slowly eating as she flittered from closet to closet. Nothing seemed to go her way, and were those boots hiding from her?

She rummaged in the closet right beside the door into the garage knocking over stacks of shoeboxes and tipping racks. When she spotted the evasive boots- the ones that were fluffy on the inside and had the cutest straps and pompoms on the outside- she let out a triumphant yell.

Happily, she pulled them on; slipping them over her worn boot cut jeans, and wriggled her toes between the fluffy fibers in the boot. Ah, sweet bliss, no more soaked socks, no more water between her toes, no more freezing feet!

“Hn. Your hair is messier than before. You intend to leave looking like a bird’s nest?” Kassen easily strolled down the stairs, his mass of silver hair trailing in a smooth arc. Black suit immaculate and blue shirt crisply creased. He made for quite a stunning sight, but all he received was a glower from his messier fiancée.

Aurua thinned her lips, “Yes, well, we can’t all be Mr. I-wake-up-looking-like-this now can we?” she quipped, “Besides, why are you still here anyway? You own the company and being late isn’t the best policy.”

Again, he ‘hn’ d and quirked an eyebrow, magically producing a brush and tamed the dark mess that was her hair. The knots seemed to untangle quickly, but Aurua suspected that her hair was just afraid of him (and it should, as he once mentioned cutting it short.)

Huffing, Aurua turned, mumbling something about his need of an ego check. However, as soon as she stepped outside and the cold no longer seemed to invade her toes, all playful annoyance melted off her face and she frolicked in the snow, her booted feet drawing crescents on the driveway.


What? I make pretty patterns on the driveway too. I don’t know, I wanted to put it in simply because it’s fun =)

The hair comment is in relation to my problems with the knee length wig I now own =w=



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