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31 Days Challenge: Tapping at the Window

YAY! I’m on time today! (but just barely)

I think I’m doing pretty well, especially seeing as how I’m writing on a day-by-day bases… four days in a row, not bad~

This one is more abstract than the others, but I’ve experienced this with my friend. I was reading something, and well, she was reading over my shoulder, and decided to dig her nails into my arm at a really suspenseful moment. Let’s just say, I didn’t appreciate it much, and I showed it with a book to her head.

Anyway, let’s not dally, since I want to post this on time instead of dragging this into tomorrow. 😉

4 (Sun): Tapping at the Window

The only sounds that challenged the silence were the crackling of the fire and the soft noise of the crinkle of old paper.  Wind howled outside, but the cold was kept at bay by the glass and gnarled branches danced dark rituals with the snow.

Tap tap

She ignored the hollow sound of wood striking glass, choosing to focus on her book of dark intrigue and whirlwind romance.

Tap tap

It persisted, and the fire seemed to crackle louder. Embers tossed in the air like fiery butterflies.

Tap tap

The pages of her book drew her in, and the night it described let her feel the fear it detailed, a stormy night, glinting weapons and threat of murder.  Words tangled their fingers around her senses; the wetness of fictional rain made her shiver.

Tap tap

Cold whispered across her skin, and unrelenting rain fell in sloppy sheets, biting at her skin like thousands of teeth starved for human flesh. Each breath, she felt as if she was drowning herself, more water than air flowing into her lungs. Her feet hurt; the clopping of heeled shoes barely distinguishable in the grating hiss of droplets smashing into uneven pavement.

Tap tap

Home, it was just ahead; tall shadows unashamedly plastering themselves across the vined brick of the house. She threw the door open and hastily threw all the locks in place, her sodden dress dripping a puddle on well-polished wood. Metal pushed into her back as she slumped in relief. Home, where ten locks and a two inch door separated her from her attacker. A shadow obscured the meager light, and a long, well used knife struck the window twice, and the glass creaked into spiderweb cracks.

Tap tap

“OH DEAR GOD!” She flung the book high, and tipped backwards in her need to flee. The bound pages landed just short of licking flames, fluttering slightly with its flight. Aurua didn’t know what to glare at first, the book, or the tree outside the window. That was frightening!

Tap tap

“Oh shut up!”


See what I mean? xD


3 responses

  1. I see you’ve gotten into the winter spirit with the snow ^.^ I like the piece of writing, within your own piece lol if that makes sense! You are very good at writing snapshots, like descriptive writing that puts the reader in the exact scene.

    December 10, 2011 at 5:27 pm

    • Hehe, thanks. Truly, I’m someone that prefers fantasy and horror. Dramatics is, probably, my best friend right beside sarcasm. Light-hearted makes me happy, but I don’t like the way those gears in that rusty unused portion of my brain are cracking…

      Witty humour is also fun, but I can’t seem to be able to fit it in.

      Aww, I’m sad to see that you’re not testing this one (I implore you, do one? D:)

      PS: The snow is great, I had it last year too *v*

      December 11, 2011 at 1:38 am

      • Okay okay you’ve got me! I’ve written one, which I enjoyed! Maybe I will take this one up. Maaaayyybeeee!

        December 11, 2011 at 6:54 pm

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