Let's all be random, shall we?

31 Days Challenge: Gloves

Eheheheh, I almost forgot about this one, and I’m writing this at 11:23, soo…

No further comments shall be made Until I have time to make an /edit/ :3

(Mon) 5: Gloves

Why? Why did this always happen? Every time she needed a new article of wintry necessities, it would magically remove itself from any place she thought to search. Honestly, she wasn’t that messy.

She scratched her head in confusion. For the sake of her, she could not seem to be able to remember where she put those fur-trimmed, well stuffed, beautifully designed gloves she wore religiously last year had disappear off to.

Still distractedly searching for those evasive gloves, she pulled on her (recently unpacked) long, brown winter coat. Giving up with a huff, she followed Kassen into the garage, where it was just as chilled as anywhere outside. Her fingers were already starting to chaff, and a strange stiffness settled comfortably into her bones. But still, she would rather go bare handed than wear those bulky ski gloves!

She stuffed her hands into her pockets, and felt a suspicious resistance, and chilled faux fur tickled her fingertips. The feeling of duh was unavoidable, and she couldn’t help but feel an overwheming sense of stupidity.

Whatever, she found her pretty, pretty gloves!

Aha! HA HA.





EDIT: Spelling and grammar fixed.

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