Let's all be random, shall we?

31 Days Challenge: Snow Angel

Yes, I start early! xD hopefully, I’ll get this done before ten tonight.

Status: 6:03

Yup, I’ll be doing status times as I finish various parts

Anyway, I almost died today, sore throat xD

Jk bro, lets start with Snow Angels :3

(Tues) 6: Snow Angel

Afternoon, takes an amazing blizzerd to bring out the absolute appreciation for the mundane, such as the brightness of the sun, the warmth that it imparts onto one’s back.

That was exactly what Aurua thought.

Its lunchtime, and as per usual, she headed outside to dash to the little café, but as she reached the bottom floor, and she saw the sun, shining brighter than she’s seen it in weeks, and the blue sky a beautiful backdrop.

Upturning her head, she took in the white cotton candy clouds. She leaned back, tilting further and further, wanting to take in as much of the dotted periwinkle sky as possible until she could almost see behind herself, until her balance was tipped, and she toppled backwards into a snowbank.

Distracted writing: 6:33

iPod battery dies: 6:36

Gets on a computer: 9:58

Aurua laughed merrily, her thick coat and gloves protecting her from the frosty dusting the city had gotten overnight. Feeling the snow, softer than any blanket, she got the most amazing, bestest, ingenious, greatest idea ever. She closed her eyes, laughing as she waved her arms and legs around in a bad imitation of a chicken. Tiny flakes were kicked up all around her, making a light mock storm. The snow threaded between her fingers, and after a little while, her limbs stilled, then she pouted. This was the hard part, how was she going to get up without destroying all her hard work?

A shadow moved over her, and the slightly amused face, half hidden by lengthy white bangs, of Kassen Vante came into her vision. Shaking his head slightly, he offered a hand, and Aurua happily grabbed it and was pulled up easily out of the snow. Behind her was a snow angel, unmarred by footprints of its maker, and with a flourish, she signed her name beside the childish art.

She grinned.

It was perfect!

Finished writing: 10:18

LOL. Internet problems might prove troublesome…

I keep forgetting that I need to give Kassen more time! *always has him randomly interject at the end*


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