Let's all be random, shall we?

31 Days Challenge: Dark Dawn


*insert happy dance here* Hmm, these ones are averaging 200-some words. I think that’s a good number.

Anyway, I need to post quickly and get on with writing today’s. 🙂

10 (Fri): Dark Dawn

Her alarm blared, its incessant beeping rousing her from her sleep. She groaned, it was still dark outside, what was she doing awake? Irritated (because she obviously wasn’t a morning person) she slammed a hand onto the alarm clock and curled back into her blankets.

“Why the heck is my alarm waking me up for NOW? It’s still dark, can’t be past si-“she shot up, her blankets flying halfway off the bed from the suddenness of the movement.  “Oh damn.”

Numbers shone brightly in the blue darkness of early morning, they mocked her with their value.


In a flurry of cloth, hair, and toothpaste, she rushed around the room trying to do nine things at once. The knocked over furniture disagreed with what she was doing, but voicing their objections seemed like just an impossible dream. She walked blind around the room, cursing the ridiculousness of how flippin’ dark it was, searching for her waylaid sweater.

Her toe connected with a stray chair, and dear God, Buddha, Amaterasu, Zeus, and whatever heavenly being in the greater part of Asia and help her, that hurt.

Leveling a glare at the barest light on the horizon, she spoke to no one in particular, “Why do I have to get up earlier than the sun? We should never get up earlier than the sun. I don’t even want to know how Kassen pulls it off.”

She sat at her desk, her pen scratching on paper.

Dear Mr. Sun…


Hmm, a companion to Sunset, perhaps?


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