Let's all be random, shall we?

31 Days Challenge: Slipping

WOO. I type fast! Well, no, I just made it really short. In the neighborhood of 200 words (179, actually)

Not much comment on this one, other than a similar incident a week ago. =w=

9 (Thurs): Slipping

A merry tune was hummed, and she was very happy with all the lights that now decorated her home. Satisfaction ran though her and she couldn’t help but have a feeling that everything was going to go well today.

After all, she got to leave work early and go shopping.

She twirled around, swinging her bags heavy with brightly coloured holiday necessities. Every single thing was a piece of Christmas, liberated from their places on store shelves in order to brighten the sleek and modern home that was all primped and polished to perfection.

Her booted foot stepped forward, confident that the soles will prevent her from catastrophic failure. Clear ice, pooling in a darker, frozen shade of the sidewalk, loomed from below, and-

She slipped.

Legs flew upwards as gravity drew everything else down. Can’t drop the ornaments! She held the bags up, landing heavily on her elbows, saving the delicate decorations from a horrible fate at the hands of pavement.

Slowly, she rose from her spot on the ground, still sore from the slip.

Worse. Day. Ever.


True dat.


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