Let's all be random, shall we?

31 Days Challenge: String of Light

Well, I finally got a bit better, but I was so wrapped up in something for school that I only got time to finish one…

I think these things are going to be getting shorter… Like way shorter.

The ones I posted before hang around 300 words each. The ones now (in order for me to stay on schedule) are going to be around 100. =w=

Anyway, here’s the next one. Maybe I’ll have time tomorrow today (but don’t count  on it) BUT- I will get everything up to 11 posted.

Here’s string of light though. GODS. KASSEN IS SO HARD TO CHARACTERIZE =w=

7 (Wed): String of Light


“What? Why?!”

He deadpanned a stare at her. “No.”

Aurua threw her hands up, giving up. He’s not going to give, no matter what she said.

He ran a hand through his hair, pulling long forelocks back only to have them fall again into his face. Really, she was quite stubborn, and he didn’t even celebrate Christmas, but already she was trying to put up the lights.

Silently, he glared at the pile of wire and glass in the corner of the boot room, cursing it for ever existing.

You know you like the festivities.

No, no he didn’t. And that pile is going to stay a pile until he allows it to become un-piled.

Aww, come on, please?

He stared at it. Those shiny bulbs of multi-coloured glass stared back. Sighing, he scooped up the mess of cords and methodically pinned them in artistic formations. A few hours later, seventeen strands had been clipped, pulled, and slung into place.

Upstairs, Aurua heard tapping on the window, and saw Kassen standing right outside, writing a message though the frost on the outside.

Curious, she pulled on a coat and rushed outside. There, she was met with Kassen, sporting a small smile and a remote in his hand.


The world was ablaze.

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