Let's all be random, shall we?

31 Days Challenge: Snowman

Ahaha… I know that I suck, and I really don’t have a good excuse to be neglecting this the entire time.

Anyway, onwards!

12: Snowman

She stared out the window, excited at how much snow there was piled up outside. Especially at the chunk of snow she had created the night before, packing it into a box then cutting it out to make a gigantic block of snow.

Quietly, she pulled open the drawer with all her carving tools put together is a cute little bag and made a stealthy creep towards the kitchen to snap a photo with her cell.


And she was off, pausing only to grab a newspaper off the shelf. Scarce seconds later, she was outside and frolicking through deep snow, and irregular footfalls led to the oversized chunk of winter.

Packed ice crystals were painstakingly chipped off, and finer and finer the details became. A smooth waterfall of hair, calm countenance, and even eyelashes were a part of the snowy creation. Hours passed, and Aurua finally stepped back, leaning against a conveniently placed tree.

Giggling, she grabbed her phone and started an impromptu photoshoot with her masterpiece, then rushed inside to warm her frozen fingers.

Outside, a pure white Kassen Vante sat, legs crossed, and snowy fingers gripping a spread newspaper.

d’aww, do you get it? 😀

This might be the only one I get up tonight, too sleepy…



EDIT: Spelling fixed


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