Let's all be random, shall we?

Merry Christmas!

But it seems like no one cares this year. Maybe because for once, it’s not -30C, have a half meter of snow on the ground, and just got off on break this friday.

Yeah. I’m not excited this year either.

On a different note, I’m learning both the lyrics and dance of Bad Apple! from Touhou. You know, because my mother was being your typical Asian and bluntly told me to “stop being fat”

As usual… I’ve picked too great a task for my Challenge. Especially knowing how it’s end of term and the teachers were going crazy giving us tests to fill up our report cards. On top of that, I haven’t been a very happy camper with the sickness and stuff…

I ALSO GOT NEW GLASSES! *insert happy grin here*

My first pair is: Armani Exchange 231 Gold Chocolate 😀 (the front frames are gold, and the legs are a chocolate brown…)

And my second is Swarvoski/ Manhattan Design, just as expensive but bold, and very pretty. They’re black, and the detail is silver. After all, what is Maya without her signature jeweled black frame glasses?

Personally, I feel lucky with my having a oval face. I can use any hairstyle, and type of glasses, and most makeup works on me too. BRINGS ME JOY…! *shot’d*

Oh, yeah, I’ve been getting really bored lately with the normal flat style of drawing that is so typical of me, and I wanted to give realism a shot. My trial run seems okay so I think I`ll continue with it 🙂

Here it is!! (Look, photoshop!)


Obviously I picked something easy to do since it is a experiment of sorts. THE NOSE! I`M PROUD OF IT! I NEVER DRAW NOSES! At first I coloured in peach tones, then was all ‘this doesn’t look right’ changed the hue a bit, and tada! INSTANT ASIAN! *IAMTOOASIANFORTHIS* Hopefully, I can get rid of the sketch lines at the end 🙂


(I’m not finishing the challenge. I’m going to to die in my room until school starts again. SO. MUCH. PAIN.


One response

  1. I love your glasses ^.^ I wish my glasses were as stylish as yours but sadly they are not…Mine are quite similar to your first pair except mine is rimmed all around the legs are silver with random floral designs.

    Very nice, very nice, the nose looks well done actually.

    December 26, 2011 at 6:31 pm

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