Let's all be random, shall we?

Challenge: Twisted Fairytale

Am I lazy? Yes. But that’s not the foremost reason for using this challenge. Since before I started posting my own take on this, I wanted to read things like this, but I’ve never gotten the chance. In fact, I found a little “plot bunny” document just sitting docilely on my oldest memory stick, and a almost ready made Challenge was just sitting there, staring, with kicked puppy eyes, staring at me. I couldn’t say no.

Anyway, with a few changes, we’re all set!

“Take a concept, and run it over with a bus.”

That’s sort of what I’ve have with this idea.

Take the most common, heartwarming, fuzzy, gushy, fist-clenching fairytale staples and feed it caffeine, throw it at a wall and stir a finger though its guts. (Okay, so that was a bit on the morbid side…) Happy endings? Bah! Bitter-sweet is the way to go. Evil gets banished? How about a round of world domination? Damsel in distress? She can drop kick you into next week.

I’ve always been that kid in the corner who thinks about things strangely. At the end of every “and they got married, and lived happily ever after” I always added a “But then they got sick and died.” Of course, I’ve indulged myself too, regarding those, but I never did think “I want to be a princess!” It was more of a “That witch’s spells are so cool.

I really hate the tiny perspective they shine. I mean, really, no wonder I think worse of the female group than the guys. The stories we are told teach us that… Phew, saved by a wayward brain cell.

Anyway, create a twisted fairytale, either based on a concept or a story (Cinderella, CLEAN THE STORY, PLEASE.) and turn it around while still keeping the original skeleton of what you based it off of.

Of course, tell us what the starting point was too.

So, there we go, a challenge that should leave a few minds turning… (Worry not, I have one up my *tugs at spaghetti straps* eh- metaphorical sleeves.)




2 responses

  1. how about for the ending of a fairytale, the villain actually won

    December 29, 2011 at 12:42 am

    • EXACTLY! 😀

      But I’m already working on one, so you write it :>

      December 29, 2011 at 2:05 am

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