Let's all be random, shall we?

Forensic Summoning-Technomancy Contest

Generator Result: Forensic Summoning

Concept: Well, I thought, hey! If the surroundings and items used in a crime… A case of “If that tree could speak…” I guess.

I’ve wanted to take part in the contests since last summer, but I kept procrastinating… as usual. So I just got this done in one shot… at 3AM…  Riiiiiight.

Bleh, I’ve realized that I officially suck at colouring in SAI. I think overall, I’ll be going back to photoshop. (Drawing, however, seems to be so much easier with the pen pressure sensitivity in SAI.)

Yes, that is a sad attempt at a lab coat, shhhh. Meh, not bad for half an hour I suppose (considering the time I took wrestling with the water brush… hmm)



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