Let's all be random, shall we?

The Fall From Grace (Body)

The mirror told in cruel honesty the story, the downward spiral that had eaten away at everything she was.

It horrified her.

A twitch of the leg is no longer accompanied by the sliding of lean muscle, and instead the disturbing jiggle of quivery fat, her tall figure obliqued by the excess weight that plagued her every step.

Once graceful fingers now lie pudgy, squishy from the utter dissuse; fingers that once had glided over black and white keys with the skillful agility of a carefully cheorographed dance.

Softened nails grappled at her face, observing the blackened half circles that hung below her eyes. A downward tilt of the lips that seemed to only be pulled by the weight of her cheeks. Forcing forgotten movements to her mouth, she dragged the corners of her lips toward her eyes, obscured by large glasses.

The smile seemed plastic, a melted peice of discarded prototype that everyone else had moved away from, leftover scrap that had to be picked up by scavengers looking for a cheap imitation.

Water glanced down the corners of her eyes, running in slow rivlets to meet at her chin. She mashed her teeth together. When had this happened? This useless byproduct of society? A rusted laugh escaped, the irony not lost to her even in the throwes of dispair.

Since when had I become someone who my younger self would sneer at in disgust?

The slim, youthful face of a promising future looked at her, long legs in perfect balance, and a lip curled in distain. A person she was before, someone who had everything, bitterly, she thought, who had taken for granted that perfection.

Again, she laughed, fully realizing that before, simply meant never again.

And the mirror cried silently back.

This is my commentary on how skewed our view of weight is, and it’s only because this was a short phase I had felt, watching a show (that shall not be named) on TV. The ending was the initial aspect of this (newly created) Mini-Collection, the Fall from Grace aspect. It’s sort of my own version of therapy for when I feel like I’m utterly useless. On a side note, don’t think “OMG, Maya’s a fat NEET who wishes for her ‘glory days’ like an old hag” I’m a healthy, if not slightly chubby girl who needs to angst sometimes so I can fill my teenager quota.

All flame comments will be used to heat my room, way up in the frozen wasteland that is Canada. (Eh)



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