Let's all be random, shall we?

Okay, I Lied

But this has to get out there.

I really hate when I see something that was utterly innovative at the time it was first conceptualized, but have been destroyed by the sheer number and quality of imitations. I would read something that had a scant few chapters out, leave and forget about it, come back in a year and see what I loved about that one work mass produced!

It hurts, since I read a few of those stories, my original inspiration became something that I couldn’t swallow. Looking around, there are so many things that have been copied so much that modern viewers dismiss the One That Started It All as a Been There, Done That.

I saw this quote from somewhere, and when I find where, I’ll link.

“What’s the deal with Hamlet? It’s just one famous line after another.”

~Chew on that 「MayaYume」


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