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Shades of Gray


Woo, Vampire story! About time too, everyone needs a vampire phase I think. Don’t reel back horrified, thinking “Oh god, Maya is going to turn down the path of evil that is the Twilight ‘saga'” since the way I’m going about this is very different from the Emo-teen-who-angsts-all-day-in-his-corner-of-doom-and-gloom It actually starts of pretty light, since I want to fit in some background info here.

Well, there’s going to be quite a few creatures, but I’m not sure if I’m going to do sheets on all of them, since they’re pretty typical.

This actually wasn’t my brainchild at first, but Nirac’s but somehow all the work has been shoved onto me. I didn’t even get the character sheets, so the twins’ personalities have just been winged.


Shades of Grey


His eyes flashed in the darkness, catching the glint of a stray computer screen. With a quick hand signal, a trio rushed past the empty laboratory, and a flutter of white, tinted with harsh blue light trail for a moment in their wake. Three pairs of feet fell on cold tile floors, just the barest whisper above silence, but to the three, they seemed heavy, thudding just a little too loudly. They communicated with their eyes, daring not to speak aloud for fear of detection. Each had a suspicious furrow to their brows, where were the researchers? It was late, but usually there was always one or two overly obsessive geniuses hunched over one experament or another. It was unnerving, as they were fully prepared for slaughtering anyone in their way, but not for dark, silent hallways.

Twin pairs of burgandy eyes glanced at the white shadow behind them, face utterly impassive. Was she the one responsible? It seemed possible, but that would mean she had influence in the Union, and that was not possible, as they had freed her from a containment chamber in their own sector. Worried, but not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, another discreet flick of the fingers sent the group into a flurry of movement.

They dashed through the winding labrynth of passageways and rooms, encountering nothing but echos of shadows. A steady beeping grew closer, and they knew the stairwell was just ahead. Eight flights of stairs passed in a blur; metal creeking like gears of an ancient watch. Cameras were still, unable to react to mere blurs in the darkness, lenses pointed still up the acending steps.

At the doors, the three spot the first scientist of the night, and just as well, for they would activate the doors to their freedom, and the chance to be rid of the chains, the disgusting, unsettling chains that bound them to this place. The card ran through, and a green light flashed twice in acceptence.

They ran.

But somehow the scientist spotted them. Suddenly, there was a high strung tension in the air, russet orbs narrowed, and the corners of his mouth tightened. The two males exchanged a look, perhaps they were too trusting, the man in front of them was certainly not a scientist, but a trainee agent of the assasination squad. The one at the front cursed inwardly, a trainee in the front, and a possible enemy at their back. A hand raised, and several others stepped from the covering of the shadows. Cursing again, the first boy tilted forward, making the first move.

All hell broke loose.

Somehow, the white haired girl fought her way to the front, easily dodging and redirecting incoming attacks. In front of her, the path to freedom was clear, and she could taste the night air, the sweetness of dew, the spice of wind. A figure slid into her path, and drunk on that tangible freedom, she rose her hand to strike, fingers perfectly straight, a cutting edge more potent than any blade, and lunged. Dangerous claws met flesh, and a arcing splatter poured from the man’s chest, and she reached, closer to piercing his heart and-


Her mind screamed, ordering her hand to move, to end the last obsticle, but she remained frozen, unable to kill, unable to give in to that raving voice that laughed in delight at the carnage. The feeling of wet, cooling blood seemed to bind her all over again, but deep in her mind, something whispered, something that relished in the destruction of life, and it called for more.

Then there was pain.

Two battling shadows, one dressed in metal, the other tainted white, locked in a deathly moment of an ancient dance. Moments stole by, and finally, with a hollow clang, the knife slid from her stomach and she stood, releving in the breeze, the feeling of pure, unadultarated joy struck her.

So this is happiness.

Long untamed hair was tossed by the fragmented wind, and standing under the halfway moonlight, winterstruck skin glowed brighter than the stars. Red eyes burned in unidentified feeling, and the creases of stress faded into relaxed awe.


Deep within the compound, a man in a white coat spun in his computer chair, humming a nonsensical tune as he sipped his coffee, paying blissful inattention to the wall of moniters around him, the merry jangle of keys twirling amungst his fingers.

「Chapter One」

Two tall figures toed their way into the room, watching as the sun drew closer to the horizon, the last of the beams dripping into the room through the crack between the curtains. Twin grimaces coloured their faces, it seemed like they had no luck this evening.

“Crap, is she still asleep?”

A pained expression flashed across pale lips, and with a longsuffering sigh, he nodded once. A groan followed not long after, utterly resigned. Tentatively, Aaron reached a lightly clawed finger toward the breathing lump on the bed, but retacted it, deciding against it for the five hundred twenty-eighth time.

A wise retreat was beaten, and their selected blunt object was carefully aimed. His arm reeled back, and his hand tightened around the cup. As the flamboyent ceramic vessal, decorated with a pink rabbit, flew through the air, muscles slid across eachother, legs tensed and ready to flee. The smooth handle was making a beeline toward the figure’s head, impact seemingly imminent.

Seemingly, just as five hundred twenty eight times before, was the objective word.

A gust of condensed, silent energy flew past two bodies that dove to the walls, catching sight of the tiniest hint of form marked by white and pink dust.

The cup clattered to the carpet below in two peices, split perfectly in half down the nose of the awkwardly hued rodent. The dull thump did nothing for the unwakefulness of the lump in the bed, whose fingers simply twitched and retracted back into the warm cocoon if black blankets.

Almost as if just now realizing that it’s been hit, the door exploded into spruce confetti, filling the room with the dusty taste of wood shavings.

Horrified, Emiril looked at the crack- no, fissure in the wall, “Is it just me, or does it look like the damage is getting increasingly violent?” Slightly fearing for the structural intergrity for this section of the dorms.

“NOO! Why did it hit so high? The hours of labouring over a table with a chisel-”

Meanwhile, Aaron dispaired over the demolished architectual marvel that was the door frame.


“The beauty of the wood is-!”

“Can you sh-”

“Designs that could stand the test of time!”

“Aaron. Focus.”

“Right. Plan B; out the window she goes!”

“The dr-!”

Quickly gathering the mess of blankets, and pulling it away for the albino girl (who flailed wildly in search of the oversized coverings) Aaron shoved open the curtains with a florish, only to come face to face with a shining black headguard, reeling backwards doing a very decent turkey imitation.



“You shut up.”

The more outgoing twin slinked back, making a horrible attempt at hiding the fact that he was using his brother as a meat shield.

It’s unfinished, but I decided to post before I abandon the internet in favor of my drooping academics, which are getting to several levels of horrible.


2 responses

  1. YOU’RE ALIVE! *gives huge hug*

    I’ve missed your writing! I’ve actually haven’t written anything since like December, I feel terrible 😦 The prologue gave me a bit of a creepy feeling, but in a good way! It really had me thinking. You’re giving me some inspiration to do some writing right now.

    February 18, 2012 at 7:37 pm

    • I’m alive! Probably not for long though, since my grades are slipping.. The internet seems to be a battlefield for braincells.

      The prologue is the set up, and creepy misdirection. *Cut to mugs with pink rabbits*

      I’m glad for the inspiration, I haven’t had much time to devote to anything outside my academic redemption and this was written before said rut. Hope for a release by you of another peice. 😀

      February 19, 2012 at 12:09 am

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